EvoCore: Welcome to the Future of Flooring

EvoCore: Welcome to the Future of Flooring

EvoCore Flooring is the most versatile flooring range that we offer. Providing maximum protection from moisture, stains, dents and scratches, as well as  temperature fluctuations. Our EvoCore ranges are designed with many factors in mind to provide a great option for all areas of the home, including high-risk areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Our EvoCore range is still young and new to our collection of different flooring options, so this may leave you with a couple of questions. This blog will help explain every point and factor that you may be curious about.

What is EvoCore Flooring?

EvoCore is a combination of 7 different layers to create an extremely resistant and durable flooring:

  1. Built-in underlay backing.
  2. A standard vinyl board, eliminating any ripples or waves.
  3. Ridgid core board, enhancing stability and protection against water damage and expansion.
  4. Another standard vinyl board, adding additional robustness against chips and dents.
  5. Decor film, which provides different wood patterns and colours depending on your preference.
  6. Highly durable wear layer which provides commercial-grade resistance against foot traffic, scuffs and grime.
  7. UV protective coating, which not only provides protection against colour fading, but also keeping the decor film clearly visible.

The seven layers of EvoCore

These layers combined provide protection and durability that you simply cannot find in any other flooring range that we offer. Each layer works together to create different protection factors, thus making it perfect for any room in your home.

The Benefits of EvoCore

EvoCore Flooring provides many beneficial factors. They ensure the best protection and resistance against both common and rare household and commercial activities. Below is a bullet-pointed list of each benefit that this range offers: 

  • EvoCore is 100% waterproof
  • Built-in underlay backing
  • Anti-slip surface
  • No expansion or contraction when exposed to heat and cold
  • Pet-friendly
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • No glue needed for installation, due to its easy click-lock installation feature
  • Real wood look and feel
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Hides subfloor imperfections
  • Can be laid over existing flooring
  • Eco-friendly

The sheer amount of benefits that EvoCore Flooring provides is completely unmatched when compared to other options. This waterproof flooring is a perfect flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens, due to its waterproof and anti-slip features. There’s no need to worry about those accidental spills or crazy bath times! 

The EvoCore Ranges

Within our EvoCore Flooring range, we offer 2 different ranges that are better suited to different needs and situations. 

These two ranges, Essential and Premium, are split based on their thickness, coverage and warranty. Premium is classed as more of a luxury range due to its thicker and slightly more durable plank. EvoCore Premium planks are also registered embossed, therefore, the texture on the surface perfectly matches the design, which creates a true wooden look and feel.

EvoCore Essentials

Thickness:  5.2mm Wear Layer: 0.2mm
Pack Coverage:  2.2m² Board Length: 1220mm
Board Width: 180mm Species: Oak
Pack Contents: 10 boards Residential Warranty: 10 years


Essential Top Picks

EvoCore Essentials Stormy Grey Oak EvoCore Essentials Natural Almond Oak EvoCore Essentials Light Toffee Oak
Stormy Grey Oak Natural Almond Oak Light Toffee Oak
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EvoCore Premium

Thickness: 8mm Wear Layer: 0.55mm
Pack Coverage:  1.54m² Board Length: 1220mm
Board Width: 180mm Species: Oak
Pack Contents: 7 boards Residential Warranty: Lifetime


Premium Top Picks

EvoCore Premium Vintage Grey Oak EvoCore Premium Natural English Oak EvoCore Premium Crafted Georgian Oak
Vintage Grey Oak  Natural English Oak Crafted Georgian Oak
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Installing EvoCore Flooring

Installing EvoCore Flooring is similar to installing click LVT or tongue and groove and click wood flooring, due to its similar click-lock system. However, EvoCore installation is a quicker and easier process thanks to the built-in underlay. 

Fitting EvoCore over tiles with in-built underlay backing

EvoCore Flooring is installed using the floating floor installation method, as no glue or adhesive is needed to secure your flooring. You can also lay it over existing floor tiles, making for a much quicker fitting process:

  1. Measure your room to know how much flooring you will need to purchase.
  2. Choose your favourite range of EvoCore Flooring.
  3. Ensure your subfloor or existing floor is clean and clear of debris.
  4. Lay your waterproof flooring over the subfloor. No underlay is needed because EvoCore Flooring has underlay pre-installed on the underside of each plank. You can lay your flooring lengthways or widthways, depending on what style you are looking for.
  5. Use the click-lock feature on each plank to attach them to one another, which creates a tight seal between each plank.
  6. Cut the planks when necessary using a fine tooth saw or tile cutter to fit in the area of your room. As well as this, be sure to cut planks that need to work around set features of your room, such as a shower, toilet, cupboards, or sinks and so on.
  7. Once your flooring has been installed, add skirting to the perimeter of your room if necessary. We offer a wide range of matching EvoCore accessories such as skirting.

Questions and answers

Is EvoCore pet-friendly?

EvoCore is perfect for any pet owner. As its scratch-resistant surface makes it ideal for claw or teeth marks. Additionally, its easy to clean surface is also great for those muddy paw prints that always seem to show up!

Is EvoCore child-friendly?

Children’s activities can almost always lead to a mess of crayon marks and spillages. This stain-resistant and waterproof flooring makes the cleaning process a quick and easy task; all you need is a little soapy water for stains and marks to be removed.

Does EvoCore have an AC rating?

Only our ranges of laminate flooring offer an AC rating. However, our EvoCore premium ranges offer a commercial-grade durability rating.

Is EvoCore compatible with underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is no challenge for our ranges of EvoCore. It is 5 times less affected compared to LVT in environments which face extreme temperature fluctuations and exposure to direct sunlight. We have tested the effects caused by heat all the way up to 38°C and found no differences in its shape or size, thus making it perfect for practically any room.

Where can EvoCore Flooring be laid?

EvoCore can be laid in absolutely any room in your home due to its strength and durability. It can even be laid in wetter or more active areas of the home such as bathrooms or kitchens.

To conclude, EvoCore Flooring is a great option for any home. Its many benefits and easy installation makes for a great stress-free job. We hope any questions or queries that you may have had has been answered in this blog. If not, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03308 088 777.

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