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How to style your home around a busy lifestyle

When designing your home, there are many important factors to consider: aesthetic, comfort and usability, just to name a few! But for those who lead busy lives, practicality is vital in order to be as productive as possible with a limited timeframe. Here are our tips for styling your home around a busy lifestyle.


Find a floor that works for you


Cleaning our home is one of the last tasks we want to do when we are balancing a busy lifestyle. That is why it is so important to choose a flooring that is easy to maintain. For this, we would recommend Luxury Vinyl Tiles. These tiles are resistant to scratches and stains and are therefore perfect for families with kids or pets.

It is exceptionally easy to clean an LVT floor – a quick sweep with a mop and broom will do the trick! Furthermore, our Luxury Vinyl Tiles are waterproof making them a brilliant choice for use in any room in the house, including the bathroom and the kitchen, allowing you to create a cohesive style throughout your home.


Create open-plan spaces


An excellent option for people who are maintaining busy lifestyles is to create open-plan spaces. Blending multiple rooms into one allows for ease of movement through your home and also creates an accessible and welcoming environment (which is perfect for entertaining guests!). To achieve this design, use the same flooring throughout in order to create a seamless flow. A chevron parquet would be ideal for this as it is a style that elongates any room in which it is laid.

We also recommend the use of ramp or T profiles – these flooring accessories are designed to join floors together where they meet (normally at a doorway). This allows you to create a smooth transition between flooring as all our door thresholds can be matched to your floor.


Save time with storage


Although it may seem counterproductive, spending time tidying up will save you time in the long run! In order to accommodate your busy lifestyle, make sure that everything in your home has its own place – that way, you know where to find things when in a rush. It also enables you to tidy up quickly and efficiently. The last thing you want when in a hurry is to trip over mess or items left out all over the place – having an efficient storing system is therefore a huge advantage.


Make the most of minimalism


Minimalism is a bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it! For some, it is the epitome of ‘zen’ and calmness but for others it represents a wholly impersonal style that does not represent the individual or their taste. However, if done correctly, a house designed in a minimalist style can become a perfect home for those with busy schedules.

Firstly, it is necessary to avoid over-cluttering your space. Try prioritising your favourite items and those which are essential to a home. Don’t over-complicate your décor either – make sure to choose simple pieces that complement your overall design. An easy way to strip back your possessions is to throw away any broken or unusable items. Don’t forget to check whether your items can be recycled or, if they are still in good condition, consider donating to a charity shop.


Have Your Say

What do you prefer in home décor: minimalism or something with more character? Let us know in the comments below!

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What accessories are best when laying flooring?

Choosing your flooring is a difficult and time-consuming process but once you’ve found the floor of your dreams, it all feels worthwhile. But your flooring journey doesn’t stop there – now you have to consider all the accessories that you need to accompany your flooring, both during the installation process and once the floor is laid. Here’s our guide of essential accessories that you need in order to complete your floor.


Part 1 – Installation


Although at Luxury Flooring we pride ourselves on having floors that are simple to fit, the installation process involves more than simply placing a few planks on the floor! First, you need to decide how you want to lay your floor – floating, nailing or gluing. For the majority of our solid wood products, we recommend that you glue the flooring to the sub-floor using an adhesive.

If you have underfloor heating, make sure to check that the adhesive you choose, as well as the floor itself, is compatible with this. Nearly all of our engineered wood floors are able to be floated – this method involves floating the planks on an underlay and applying PVA glue between the tongue and grooves of each plank for maximum stability.


Part 2 – The Finishing Touches


Whilst all our floors are incredibly beautiful by themselves, a room simply does not feel finished without the right flooring accessories. Skirting boards are available in a vast range of colours, widths and heights – you are sure to find ones which match perfectly to your floor and to your interior design. They are the perfect way to complete your floor by smoothing the transition from the flooring to the wall.

If you’re looking for a subtler option, beading is an excellent choice. It is typically smaller than skirting boards and works to fill the gap between your planks and the wall (or even between the planks and the skirting boards).

If you have laid flooring that runs through more than one room, it is highly likely that you will need ramp or T profiles. These accessories bridge the gap created by doorways, creating the link between the two rooms. If your rooms are level, you should choose a T profile whereas a ramp profile is the best option for when one level is higher than the other. These profiles are also available in multiple colours and materials in order to seamlessly match your floor.


Having the right accessories is the only way to successfully install your flooring and, ultimately, complete your room. Although it may not seem as important a decision as choosing the flooring itself, accessories can without a doubt make or break a room!


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What accessories can you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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The flooring featured in the image is our beautiful brushed and oiled Weeton Apple Oak.

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Still working from home? Here are some tips on how to transform your office space

We are all still learning to adjust to a new way of living, working from home being one of them. If you are still working from home and are tired of your boring old office space, then we have the solution for you. Make working from home less of a chore and more inviting by transforming your office space (this can also double up as a fun DIY project).


Declutter and Upgrade

Some may say this is the most important part of the office, the desk. Everything in the office is centered around this piece so you need to make sure it will make a statement. Is your current desk looking tired? Are your desk draws filled with clutter you didn’t know existed? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s time for an upgrade. Not only is getting a new desk more aesthetically pleasing and convenient, but it also gives you a chance to declutter and start afresh. Whether you’re feeling more traditional or modern, the perfect desk can piece everything together.


Comfort is key

When you’re spending all day in the same room you need to ensure you’re sitting comfortably. Invest in a good chair with excellent support. If your office has a more corporate and modern feel, a classic office chair will go a long way. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit different opt for a plusher velvet accent chair – not only do they provide comfort, but they are also appealing to the eye.


Make a Statement

Sometimes all a room needs are a new lick of paint and fresh flooring to make it look like a completely different room. If you’re looking to make a statement, parquet flooring designs are perfect for any office space. The timeless plank arrangements blend the colours of the wood together seamlessly to get a classic yet modern finish. If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, grey flooring has become increasingly popular over the years and is often used in modern homes so if you fancy a big change grey wood flooring is flooring for you.


Be at one with Nature

Add some nature into your office by investing in office plants. Plants have been known to not only improve air quality but also reduce stress in office environments which are just some of the many benefits of having an office plant. The natural leafy green colours provide a relaxing and calming effect. Plants are also incorporated widely in modern interior design due to them making spaces look more appealing and alive. We advise starting with a small desk plant and work from there – it’s the perfect way to bring that little bit of nature to your office space.


Have your say

Looking to transform your office space? Let us know in the comments below!

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Autumn Interior Design Trends

Interior trends come and go. As summer fades, and the colder months hit, we want to ensure our homes are as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible; the days of being outdoors in the sun are now just a mere memory until next year.  Let’s look at some of this year’s autumn interior trends, and how you can introduce them into your home. 

Walnut Wood


The first autumn interior design trend on our list focuses on the introduction of walnut wood. As wood is a material that makes up many interior components, this helps to facilitate walnut wood being introduced in more ways than one.


Coffee tables, chairs, ornaments, flooring. You name it; the luxurious, rich tones walnut wood delivers adds character and expense to any room of your home. 


EvoCore Nature - Walnut
EvoCore Nature – Walnut


This trend sees your home brought to life with a natural charm and beauty embracing the elements, and allowing a setting made beautiful with plant life, and warm furnishings. 


In a bathroom, the likely use of walnut wood would be flooring. Utilising sharp colours to decorate the other areas of the room, such as white tile, aids in a sleek contrast and brings out those dark inviting tones in the flooring. 

Flooring to Suit this Trend


As this particular trend features a species of wood, there are plenty of wood flooring types to cover the ground and keep up to date with this interior design trend of 2020.


To achieve the most authentic finish, you need to aim for dark, rich tones.


The brand new range EvoCore Nature would make for a great option. Featuring real wood layers, with natural aspects such as knots and grains from exposure to the outdoors. Pulling out those coffee undertones, this high-end flooring option adds a certain element of grandeur to any room. 


Engineered wood is extremely durable, taking the pressures of busy family homes, as well as looking amazing. Walnut engineered wood offers the perfect blend of style and practicality.


EvoCore Nature is another flooring that offers home-wide suitability, has a built-in cork underlay, and is highly durable. With those being just a few benefits the EvoCore Nature range has to offer. 


Laminate flooring is another flooring type option available in a walnut tone. This is one of the more price friendly options and will have a wider range of options to choose from. It’s extremely durable, scratch resistant and is long lasting. 

EvoCore Nature

Chalky Pink


Next on the list we’ll focus on making your living space a place of peace and tranquillity with this autumn interior design trend: chalky pink!


2020 has seen a rise in the need of looking after our minds. With pandemics, lock-downs and health being part of the collateral, it is important to look after your mind amongst all of the chaos. Having a peaceful place to kick back and relax can help you do just that. 


Pink is being introduced more and more across all areas of the home, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Chalky Pink kitchen

Creating this desired autumn interior design trend is easy because of the versatility involved. 


With the trend being colour-related, it means that this can be introduced with paint, accessories or furnishings. 


However you wish to bring in those calming tones, you won’t be disappointed with the end result. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


With this trend, as a calming environment is aimed to be achieved, the suited flooring types come from those offering lighter tones. Opt for a light grey, or light oak colour flooring. This gives a light and airy feel, providing that serene setting to unwind in. 


With this flooring trend being commonly adopted in bathrooms, a flooring suited both practically and stylishly, is EvoCore

EvoCore Ranges

Available in a variety of ranges, EvoCore will certainly have a flooring suited to contrast your chalky pink decor.


EvoCore Essential and Premium ranges offer a wide range of benefits including: In-built underlay, high durability, waterproof, anti-slip surface, easy to install and is pet friendly. To name a few!


EvoCore 360 offers a host of benefits that will aid in adding an authenticity to your autumn interior design trend. Tiled and wood design, 360 click lock system can lay in herringbone pattern, and homewide suitability are just some of the benefits EvoCore 360 offers. 


Not only have you got a host of colours to choose from, with your light greys, and natural light oak shades to suit your chalky pink haven, but you’ve got amazing practical benefits too. 


EvoCore Nature again is suitable homewide, easy to maintain and has a real wood veneer, so you can bring a touch of the naturality of outside in. 


Another flooring type to complement this chalky pink style is laminate. Laminate is available in a range of styles and colours, including those needed to achieve this look, as well as being durable and hard wearing for those high traffic areas of the home!

Emerald Green


Our next autumn design trend that has made the list is bringing in the colour emerald green. While we’re about to tell you how to best fulfill this design trend, don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest you go pick up the yellow bricks to form a road in your living room. 

emerald green

What we are going to suggest, however, is that you get the paint brush out and lather your walls in this opulent complexion. 


This autumn interior trend has taken off, and really comes into its own when coupled with darker surroundings such as dark wood floors, seaweed coloured plant life and black framed images. 


Another tip to get the full effect of this affluent emerald green tone is to include luxurious textures. Velvet soft furnishings such as couches furnished with pillows of a darker scheme all aid in completing the look. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


The emerald green tones bring ease in introducing wood flooring into this design as the emerald green echoes the outside world with natural colours. 


Bringing the dark wood flooring into the mix continues to replicate this feel, and as we already know from beautiful outdoor landscapes and scenery that these colours affiliated with nature look amazing together, we already know these will work in the home. 


Because dark wood tones would make an exceptional pairing with this design, EvoCore and engineered wood flooring offer a significant amount of benefits, and offer those luxurious forest tones. 


Solid wood however, needs a moment to shine. With a luxurious finish, low maintenance, the ability to sand down and refinish when damaged and a long lifespan, solid wood is a great option. 

Emerald green floorings

However, where kitchens and bathrooms are concerned, solid wood should be avoided due to temperature and moisture fluctuations resulting in the possible expansion and contraction of the flooring due to it being made from natural materials. 


Alternative options to solid wood include laminate or EvoCore. Both of these flooring types offer an array of styles to choose from including in the darker wood tones needed to achieve this look, as well as having the suitability essential for these rooms.


Fun Bathroom Designs


Moving on to one of the more colourful trends on the list of autumn interior design trends of 2020: fun bathroom designs!


Now this one is a subjective matter, which is why we’ve included a few fun bathroom designs to give your creative side a kick in the right direction. 


Brace yourself for a whole lot of colour, patterns and funky designs. 





This fun bathroom trend sees patterns fill our bathrooms and en-suites, and the quirkier the better. 


Complemented with typical, simple white bathroom furnishings, these patterns are made to stand out even more given the contrast of plain to patterned.


Bringing patterned accessories, wallpaper and flooring into the mix will give you the desired look.


Flooring to Suit this Trend


Where patterns are concerned, why not opt for the full package and add more patterns! Vinyl flooring is a great way to do this, available in a range of colours, styles and designs, including the popular tiled option, for bathrooms.

Vinyl is perfect for bathrooms in terms of practicality, too. It’s highly durable, waterproof, comfortable underfoot and doesn’t have to break the bank. 


Prints, prints and more prints!


Prints are another autumn home interior trend that have changed the game when it comes to creating a feature in your home. 


They started in larger rooms of the home, bedrooms, living rooms, and have now made an appearance in smaller rooms such as bathrooms, en-suites and downstairs toilets. 


Prints can be added to your taste level, whether you want to go for the more contemporary feel and go for just a few, or you want to opt for lots. And lots. And lots. The choice is yours.


Either way they made for a great addition, and focal point in a space that can often be hard to decorate due to their practical nature. Finding designs to fit around your bath tubs, showers and sinks can be hard. But not with this fun design idea.


Flooring to Suit this Trend


For this trend your flooring is dependent on the content of your prints. 


Quick tip: contrast the frame to other colours in your bathroom, and then match the flooring to the frames. 


Should you have darker frames, go for a darker flooring. Think rich wood tones. Avoid the greys and whites and rely on those coffee shades. 


Alternatively, if you have lighter coloured frames, white for example, flooring of a white, light grey or light oak would make for a great pairing. 


The EvoCore ranges are great options to consider when it comes to bathroom floorings. Their durability and waterproof features, among a host of other benefits, make it fully functional in withstanding the pressures of the bathroom. 


EvoCore is also available in an array of styles and designs, so this will help when finding a flooring working to your contrast. Both lighter coloured flooring is available to match your lighter frames, as is darker shades, to match darker coloured frames. 


Vinyl is another great option. As previously mentioned its practicality meets the needs of the bathroom, as well as being available in a range of colours, designs and patterns. So if you want to opt for further contrast, those tiled black and white floors are a great choice.


Pop of colour. Or two.

pop of colour

Adding a pop of colour is another great autumn interior design trend we’re loving!

Bright colours are a great way to achieve that wow factor in your bathroom. Typically, bathrooms are not the largest rooms in the home. So adding those bright summer colours to lighten up the place means it hits you as soon as you walk in. 


These colours also complement the features in the bathroom well, with them being white, it adds to the contrast, further brightening the pops of colour. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


Flooring to complement this interior design trend of 2020, similar to other trends we’ve mentioned, work best relying on contrast. 


Often a darker wood flooring achieves the best option with brighter colours such as orange and yellow. Whereas darker vibrant colours such as greens, and blues would contrast better with lighter wood floorings.


But as we’re referring to a host of possibility colour wise, we’ll focus on the suitability for bathrooms. As previously mentioned, vinyl and EvoCore are great flooring options for this design idea, with a host of both practical and personal benefits suited to the pressures the bathroom delivers. 


So for bathroom designs, you’re definitely not short of interior design options.


Multi-functional Spaces 


Moving on to a more versatile autumn interior design trend of 2020. Multi-functional spaces. 


The last few years have seen a rise in open plan living spaces, thus creating a rise in multi-functional spaces. From living and dining areas, to kitchen and dining areas, or all three. 


With this home design, many more people are opting for segmentation. Whilst they desire the open plan living, a differentiation of the areas in the space is still desired. 


For instance, a different flooring type, colour or style in the kitchen space is used to what is being used in the living or dining area. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


A great flooring option for this is EvoCore 360.


EvoCore 360 is the most versatile flooring on the market, featuring a 360 omni-click system, it allows for not only an easy installation, but the ability to lay in a herringbone pattern, mix and match colours and fit wood to tile together seamlessly. 

These abilities make segmenting these areas easily attainable. 


Not only that, EvoCore 360 has practical features that make it perfect for these types of living space. With kitchens often being a prime component of these open plan, multi-functional spaces, EvoCore 360’s being suitable home-wide, waterproof, easy to maintain, this not only makes a great flooring for segmenting areas, but it works well in all areas of the home. 




Finally, we’ve saved the most autumnal design trend for last. Obvious maybe, but introducing those crisp warm tones into your living space can produce a welcoming, cosy space to spend those colder evenings. Amber, rust and burnt orange tones naturally associate with autumn, supplying warm vibes that give the desired, comfortable setting. 


This autumn interior design trend can be delivered by introducing these colours in painting your walls with these autumnal shades, accessorising with pillows and ornaments of these shades, or hanging prints featuring these colours. 

Orange trend

Flooring to Suit this Trend


With this trend, to further enhance the cosy theme, bring in a darker wood floor. This will aid in darkening the room slightly, further adding to the snug, homely space. 


Usually actioned in living rooms where this trend can be appreciated to its full extent; lamps on, feet up and hot drink in hand, you have a range of flooring options to couple with it. 


With the better flooring options being colour-dependent, laminate, solid wood, engineered wood, LVT or EvoCore would all be ample options. 


These floorings all offer a range of colours and styles to match this design. 


Fallen For Fall Trends?


So you’re up to date with the latest autumn interior design trends and know how to achieve them. It’s now up to you to implement them!


Get started with choosing the perfect flooring to match your design by ordering free samples today. If you have any questions regarding your flooring purchase, get in touch with one of our experts now. 



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What is the difference between SPC and normal LVT Vinyl?

Choosing the right flooring can be a daunting decision especially in times where there is so much to choose from. New innovative floors are being created every day which makes the decision so much more difficult. One of these floors is vinyl. Vinyl has changed over the years and is now a sought-after choice for many.

One of the most common questions we’re asked is what is the difference between the luxury vinyl we’re all used too and this new vinyl composite? We’re here to clear all this up so you can choose the flooring best for your home!


Regular Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT is crafted from a bespoke blend of PVC which gives it a flexible and soft exterior as well as a strong and durable core. This makes the flooring softer underfoot which is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. LVT has been a popular choice in recent years due to the many compressed layers it’ holds giving it a strong waterproof top layer, this also makes it stain and scratch proof.

LVT can come in a range of designs and patterns delivering the authentic textures of classic natural materials. This makes it a perfect alternative to real wood flooring as it can perfectly emulate hardwood flooring at a lower overall cost.


SPC Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the 70’s it is now one of the most popular types of flooring and for all the right reasons. SPC is one of the most innovative products of vinyl flooring, as SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. This means a combination of limestone and stabilisers are used to create a durable core.

SPC Vinyl consists of many layers. A base layer, a core layer featuring the stone composite, a vinyl layer that features the flooring pattern and a wear layer that provides resistance this is thin and transparent and ensures the longevity of the product.

This new product of vinyl does not compromise any of the characteristics of normal vinyl but only enhances them due to the limestone composition. SPC vinyl is waterproof, stain proof and scratch proof so it’s the perfect flooring choice if you live a busy lifestyle and your floor sees a high level of foot traffic.


Now you know a bit more about the two products… let’s dive into how they differentiate:



  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles is softer underfoot than SPC this is due to the flexible and soft exterior of the product and the stone composite of SPC.


  • The hard layer of SPC vinyl could worsen a situation where an accident may happen in the home, therefore if you have children this is something to take into consideration.


  • Again, referring to the soft layer of LVT this also makes the product quieter underfoot so if you don’t want to be hearing people walk around in the middle of the night this is the flooring for you.


  • When it comes to indentation SPC is more durable due to its harder core. This is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle where their floorings could be prone to indentation.


  • SPC is generally more stable than LVT as it has a harder more durable core.


  • SPC hosts a thicker plank this is due to the several layers it consists of. This means it is known to last longer than LVT.


  • SPC and LVT are both affordable flooring choices, however, SPC is a little bit more expensive due to the many layers and how it is manufactured.


Things to consider

Despite the differences in flooring both SPC and LVT are waterproof, easy to install, easy to maintain and come in a range of patterns and colours. Your choice is based on what you think is best for your home life. If you live in a busy home where there will be a lot of foot traffic LVT is a recommended choice. If you live in a quieter home and are looking for something more durable SPC is the flooring for you.


Have your say

What type of vinyl flooring have you chosen? Let us know in the comments below!

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What type of flooring is best for what room?

One of the most common questions we get asked is what flooring is best for certain rooms in the house. Choosing the wrong flooring can make or break a room in your home, so we have put together a guide on choosing the best flooring for every room in your home.



Kitchens are known to be the hub of the house, so when it comes to picking the perfect flooring for your kitchen it may seem like the toughest decision in the world. Due to the kitchen having the most hardworking floors in your home, it is important to choose a flooring that can withstand all possible activities.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are one of the most popular choices of flooring for kitchens. The innovation of vinyl tiles has made it one of the most sought-after floorings in recent years. Rising in popularity, luxury vinyl tiles are water, stain and scratch proof making it one of the most durable choices of flooring. LVT also comes in a wide range of colours and patterns which means you can achieve that hardwood flooring aesthetic without the frequent maintenance.



The main question to consider when choosing flooring for your bathroom is, is it waterproof? Bathroom flooring will endure frequent splashes of water so solid wood flooring is out of the picture. The most compatible flooring for bathrooms is ceramic, LVT and engineered wood, this is due to their hardwearing, withstanding properties. They are all able to withstand water, however, LVT and ceramic flooring are waterproof so if you have children these two are the more appropriate options.

Bathrooms are one of the most common rooms to have installed underfloor heating as it is now more commonly a place used to relax and unwind, underfloor heating takes the chill off the cold flooring in the mornings. All ceramic, LVT and engineered wood flooring are suitable for underfloor heating.


Bedroom and Living Room

Bedrooms and Living Room spaces main goals are the aesthetic rather than the practicality. This means any type of flooring is perfect for the living room and bedroom spaces. In the past, carpets are frequently used for these rooms. Trends have now changed and achieving that hardwood floor in these rooms has become more popular.

Hardwood flooring creates and more traditional and classier feel to any room. One of the most popular styles in recent years is herringbone parquet flooring. The transition of shades through the plank pattern creates a beautiful and elegant feel to your room as well as making a big statement. Parquet flooring also looks good when accompanied by different styles of rugs, so you can still get that soft carpet feel without compromising your whole floor.


Hallway and Stairs

Your hallway and stairs will always see a large amount of foot traffic, this is hard to avoid as it is just a part of life! We recommend a durable flooring for hallways. If you’re looking to achieve a hardwood style, then Engineered or Solid wood is perfect for your hallway as they are both durable and have a high wear layer meaning they can be sanded down and refinished if needs be. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper then Vinyl and Laminate are both also very durable and perfect for families that endure lots of spillages.

If you are looking to make a good first impression, parquet flooring is perfect for making a statement. Growing in popularity over the years, parquet flooring is often associated with elegancy and class whilst holding a traditional and rustic appearance.


Things to remember

We always recommend after any spillages to clean them up in a good amount of time. This will avoid any long-term damages to your flooring.


Have Your Say

What flooring do you have in your house? Share your thoughts down below!

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5 Flooring Styles that Look the Part Without Breaking the Bank

For many of us, flooring can be one of those larger expenses on the renovation list and keeping up with the latest trends and styles can add to the pressure of making sure we keep our house up to date and looking the part. 


To help you get the most bang for your buck, we’ve accumulated some of the latest flooring styles and how to achieve them when working with a budget. 

Flooring Styles



Geometric, stripes, aztec; whatever you’re into, there’s a style to suit you. 


Bring those abstract patterns and designs to the foundations of your rooms, creating a stand-out feature in your home. 


This trend is becoming more and more popular, with a particular rise in the use in kitchens and bathrooms, and can be achieved at very friendly price points. 


Laminate is a great option when it comes to this design. It is now available in a host of styles and designs, including tile designs. On top of being a great practical addition to any home being highly durable and hard wearing as well as being easy to maintain.

Flooring Styles: Valencia Tile laminate
Valencia Tile Retro Blue Grey Laminate


Another flooring type suited to budgeting and this style is vinyl. Vinyl rolls offer a multitude of designs so there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy. Whether it’s the antique tile effect, or the quirky mosaic. You can guarantee the diverse options delivered by vinyl will peak your interest. 


Not only is vinyl on the lower end of the scale when it comes to cost, it has an abundance of benefits including: home-wide suitability, durability and easy maintenance, so you really are getting more for your money. 

Flooring Styles - New Orleans Desire Vinyl
New Orleans: Desire – Vinyl



Laminate flooring is priced at around £8.74/m², so these benefits and amazing designs can be fulfilled at a reasonable price!


Where price is concerned, vinyl ranges start from around £8.99 /m², making it one of the cheaper flooring options on the market. It’s unique designs can allow you to achieve those high end looks, without shelling out. 




Yes! You heard correctly, rustic is the new, well… New. 


Rustic interiors bring a unique and authentic beauty, utilising natural earthy tones and textures to your space. Some like to say rustic is a ‘rough around the edges’ look. We like to say it’s natural charm. 

Flooring Styles: Rustic Look

Now we know you’re probably thinking that an authentic solid wood flooring is a great option to get this kind of outcome. And it would be.  


But remember, we’re shopping on a budget! So let’s look at more attractively-priced options to obtain a rustic vibe in your home. 


One option you could opt for is laminate. Laminate comes in an array of colours and styles, with some of those styles making a perfect fit for your rustic dream. 

Laminate Flooring Styles
Laminate Flooring Styles

When it comes to rustic, bringing the outdoors in, is what will achieve you the best results. Look for those knots and grains that show the natural effects of the outdoors to gain a more genuine feel.




Moving onto price, laminate is a great option for working with budgets whilst getting more for your money. 


Starting at around £8.74/m², offering homewide suitability (subject to AC rating), available in a range of colours and styles and is great in terms of durability, laminate flooring means you get a tonne of great benefits for a smaller price. 




Surely you’ve seen grey become a long standing trend that doesn’t seem to be shifting any time soon? Grey walls, grey doors, and not to forget grey floors. 

Where grey floors are concerned, the options are of the many. As this trend relies on simply sticking to a colour scheme, this gives you an easier job where choice is concerned. But whilst narrowing down a colour is easy, we need to focus on which of these options will bring the desired grey look without having to crack open the piggy bank.

Flooring Style - Grey Room

One option with a more attractive price is laminate. Grey laminate is becoming a popular option, not only being desired because of a trend but it’s functionality too. 


Laminate is durable, so perfect for those high traffic areas, households with children and pets. Not only is this flooring great value for money, but everyone is happy!




As previously mentioned for another flooring style, laminate starts at around £8.74/m², so where budgets needed to be reigned in, this flooring makes it easier to do so. 




After some added comfort in your home? Why not introduce the more traditional neutral tones into your rooms. You know the ones we’re talking about. The beiges. The browns. The creams. Carpet is a great, and cost effective way to do so. 


These traditional, lighter tones create a neutral ground for you to change decor around them through time periods. One thing that always seems to stick are these types of carpets. They add comfort, give that blank canvas aspect because just about everything goes with them, and they look great!

Bahamas - Nougat Carpet
Bahamas – Nougat Carpet

Another option to consider if comfort is your desired outcome, is laying a wood flooring that can be installed as a floating floor with a thick underlay. 


EvoCore is a flooring options that will give exceptional warmth in your home, and coupled with a thick underlay, this will trap heat, as well as adding comfort underfoot. 

EvoCore 360 - Tudor Oak
EvoCore 360 – Tudor Oak




Starting from as little as £5.99/m², you can bring comfort, and this long term trend to your home.


Alternatively, EvoCore has multiple ranges starting from £34.99/m², with a range of styles, colours, and designs to suit. There is something for everyone!


Stone and Tile 


The final trend we’ll look at is stone and tile. This trend is another long term trend that saw a phasing out, and is seeing a comeback. 


This trend is a desired look in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, and we have the perfect flooring to suit. EvoCore.  


EvoCore 360 flooring foggy shore
EvoCore 360 Foggy Shore


In particular the EvoCore 360 range and the EvoCore Premium range, with the offering of tile designs to fit! 


Considering kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways are popular areas for this flooring style, EvoCore makes both a perfect style and practicality choice. 


These are all high traffic areas of the home, and need the flooring to support it. 


EvoCore 360 offers an array of benefits to suit these needs. From the desired tile design, with the ability to mix and match colours and styles thanks to a 360 omni-click system, to being waterproof, suitable for any room of the home, and highly durable. To name a few. 

EvoCore Premium - Lunar Landing
EvoCore Premium – Lunar Landing

The EvoCore Premium range, available in tiled design, is another option when looking to achieve a stone or tile look. 


  • Waterproof
  • Petproof
  • Childproof
  • Scratch resistant
  • Built-in underlay
  • Quick and ebay installation 


There are just some of the benefits of EvoCore Premium, and why you should choose it as the foundations of your home. 




EvoCore 360 tile ranges start from £38.99/m², and Premium starts from £44.99/m². 


The EvoCore tile ranges work as an alternative for ceramic tile, and whilst these prices are around a similar cost, the EvoCore ranges bring a whole lot more to the table for the price you pay.


Ceramic tile is installed with grout between each tile which can be hard to clean, whereas EvoCore is easy to maintain. Additionally, replacing damaged tiles can be difficult due to the way they are installed. EvoCore on the other hand is highly durable and easy to replace. 


With these benefits in mind, with EvoCore you’re getting more for your money!


Top Tips for Flooring Styles on a Budget


Throughout this article we’ve given some handy tips on how to shop smart when it comes to flooring. But let’s go over them in more detail to ensure you’re armed with as many tips and knowledge possible to keep your budget down and your savings up!


Sales and Promotions


Sales and promotions are when stores offer products are reduced prices for a period of time, making products more accessible to more people. 

These types of offers are not limited to any specific industry meaning you have a great chance of coming across events such as these when looking for your flooring. 


There are typical sales you can look out for, often seasonal or bank holiday sales. These are times you can expect to see reductions in prices. However, some stores run general events that you can keep an eye out for to get the most for your money when purchasing your flooring. 


Sales can usually be accessed in stores and online. Look out for “Sales” and “Special Offer” buttons on websites, usually found in the navigation bars.


Remnants and Roll Ends


The genesis of vinyl and carpet is from a roll. They’re then cut to size depending on the needs of a customer. As the roll gets closer to the end, the roll size is reduced to a size in which there is no sense in continuing to cut as is usually near enough standard room size. 


These roll ends are usually sold at a cheaper price as they come in a standard size and are usually enough to cover either one room or enough to cover one room with some excess. 


So to save a few pounds, especially in those smaller rooms of the home, look for remnants when purchasing carpet and vinyls.


Price matching


In some cases, stores can sell the same product. It happens. However, when shopping around, some stores will offer you a price match option if you buy the flooring from them. And in even better cases, some stores will offer you a price match plus the offering of some more discount. I.e. Here at Direct Wood Flooring, we pride ourselves in selling unique flooring, though should the same flooring be sold elsewhere, our price match offering is price match plus 10%.


This is something you should look out for should take advantage of when shopping on a budget and doing your research! When looking around for the best flooring for the best prices, make note of places that sell the same flooring and see what their price match policy is. 




Finance options are another way to budget. However, this is something you should only consider if you are in the financial position to do so. If you are renovating your home and think at that given time a larger chunk of money would be better spent elsewhere, there are stores that will allow you to spread the cost with a finance agreement. 




Another cost saving option is underlay. You may be thinking that this is another thing you’re going to have to pay for, and it is. However, you’ll be pleased to know that whilst underlay is an added expense now, it could potentially save you more money in the long run. 


Underlay protects the longevity of your flooring, prolonging the lifespan, meaning less chance of having to replace your flooring prematurely from unsupported foundations. 


Another money saving factor of underlay is that it is great for heating insulation. This means those heating bills can be reduced as you won’t need the heating on for as long, or not at all. 


Underlay also offers a host of other practical and personal benefits such as: added comfort and helps with noise reduction.


Save. Save. And Save.


Now you’ve had some of the best tips and tricks in the book when it comes to flooring styles, so it’s time to action them and put your budgeting smarts to use. 


Should you have any questions regarding any of the flooring styles, or tips above, contact one of our flooring experts now, and they’ll be happy to assist.

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Unique Trends To Look Out For In Autumn Trends 2020

Summer might be over, but it’s time to make room for the best season of the year… Autumn! Dust off that winter coat, indulge in a hot chocolate and get cosy in front of the TV ready to binge that new series on Netflix.


As seasons change, so do the trends. We’re here to make sure you get ahead of the trends and get your home ready for the best time of the year. Here are some of our favourite Autumn trends that are here to stay!


Stripped-back Simplicity

As the weather outside starts to get colder, the colours inside begin to get warmer. Throw that colour wheel away this season, strip back the colour and embrace those warm neutral tones. From beige to oatmeal, these warm tones are very on-trend and will provide any home with a timeless, clean and enduring ambience. Choosing a neutral base colour gives you endless opportunities to add a splash of colour to your home through throws, cushions and rugs.


If you feel yourself slowly gravitating towards the idea of installing more neutral flooring, then there are many options out there for you. One of the most popular flooring patterns at the moment is parquet flooring. The parquet style planks blend together beautifully to create a timeless and classy feel which goes perfectly with neutral tones.


Cosy Countryside

The words cosy and autumn go hand in hand, and this is what this trend is about. The classic country house style has been a favourite for many years, it’s now time to bring the traditional countryside home interior to you. Whether you live in a big city or out in the country this trend is here to stay.


The go to colour for this theme is sage. The earthy green and brown tones work together with the rustic and traditional styles of a country house interior, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking to upgrade your boring bedroom, transform your bathroom or give your kitchen an accent wall.


It’s no secret that country houses are commonly linked with beautiful and authentic real wood flooring. There is nothing better than a traditional look and we have a huge range for you to choose from. When trying to achieve this look we recommend Solid Wood Flooring or Engineered Wood. 


Back in Black

In contrast to our previous trends, this one is for those who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Black flooring is a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it, and we love it! In recent years black flooring has become more desirable and has been named one of the most stylish flooring trends of 2020, this is because black flooring exudes luxury and class.


Black flooring can come in a range of flooring materials from vinyl tiles, solid wood, laminate and engineered. The flooring has a stain that can be added to any range of your choice. When choosing your black flooring we recommend choosing luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). LVT flooring comes with a beautifully textured finish that emulates hardwood flooring without the stress of the upkeep meaning you can have a good-as-new flooring all year round, who wouldn’t want that?


Have your say

Which one is your favourite trend? Let us know in the comments below!


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Flooring to Cut Down On Your Energy Bills

Flooring isn’t just there to look pretty; it also serves a number of practical and money saving purposes too. With autumn closing in on us, many of you might be wondering how you can reduce the cost of your heating bills. What if we told you that you can actually save money on your heating bills by being tactful with your flooring choice.

It’s fun spending money on fancy furniture, lavish holidays and snazzy cars but less so seeing your money go down the drain in bills, especially heating at they tend to be the biggest money guzzlers! Most of us typically associated carpet with being warm and insulating in nature, but there are other options that can be just as good if not better.

How Can Wood Flooring Save You Money & Energy

Although wood floors can be mistaken for being cold and hard, wood is actually brilliant at trapping heat, making it a great insulator and keeping your home warmer for longer.

Although carpets are soft under foot, homely and warm it ends up being a much more short-term solution. It doesn’t tend to last as long as alternatives such as wood, laminate and luxury vinyl tiles as carpet is more likely to show wear after a few years.

However, when we look at wood, in comparison to carpet wood is far more durable and will last for many years after installation even with heavy use. The heat circulation is the best feature however – you’ll almost certainly notice a difference in your heating bills!

When it comes to specific types of wood, engineered is your best bet. It is much more affordable than solid due to the nature of the plank construction, which also means it’s better at absorbing heat. Not only will this retain heat and therefore keeping your bills down, but this also means it is compatible with under-floor heating which is cheaper to run than traditional radiators.

Even though wood flooring can have a considerably high price tag than alternatives, due to its energy efficiency it’ll help increase the selling value of your home, meaning it can often end up paying for itself – lasting a lifetime if cared for properly! Even if you’ve just moved into your home with no intention of selling it in the near future, it is worth considering giving yourself the best chance as possible when it is time to move on.

Under floor heating is something we’re seeing more and more of in modern homes, so investing in it will not only save money on your heating bills but also contribute to your home’s overall selling value.

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Larch and tamarack

Tamarack (Larix laricina) is also commonly called eastern larch. Western larch (Larix occidentalis) also called tamarack. Although larch and tamarack are different species, they are in the same genus and can be used interchangeably.

Tamarack grows throughout the northern U.S. and Canada, from Alaska to Minnesota, Wisconsin, into Pennsylvania, West Virginia and up to Maine. Western larch is found primarily in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, as well as British Columbia.

Tamarack is a smaller tree, seldom exceeding 75 feet in height, while western larch can exceed 180 feet. Tamarack trees may live for 200 years, while western larch can often exceed 400 years of age. The extremely thick bark (up to 6 inches) allows these trees to survive many forest fires without damage. In the fall, the needles turn lemon-yellow and then drop off, leaving this conifer looking quite bare in the wintertime; most conifers are evergreens. Both species like wetter sites.

Tamarack has certain wildlife values. Porcupines feed on the inner bark, snowshoe hares browse on seed-lings, and red squirrels eat the seeds. Birds common in tamarack stands during the summer include the white-throated and song sparrows, veery, common yellowthroat, and Nashville warbler. The American osprey, a sensitive species, often nests in lowland types such as tamarack. The great gray owl utilizes large tamarack stands in northern Minnesota,

Tamarack and larch lumber is used for local construction, in the region where the trees are grown. It was also used for telephone poles. Its moderate natural decay resistance and inability to be treated easily limited this use. The wood is also used for furniture, flooring and millwork. At times western larch is used interchangeably with Douglas-fir. In Alaska, the small stems of tamarack will be used for dog sled runners; in Alberta, Canada, and in Wisconsin tamarack is prized for making goose and duck decoys.


Processing suggestions and characteristics

Density. This is a moderate weight softwood wood. The green specific gravity 6% MC, is 0.55. or half as dense as water. The weight, when dry, is 34 pounds per cubic foot or about 1.9 pounds per board foot at 3/4 inches thickness for 4/4 S4S lumber.

Drying. The wood dries fairly easily, with some warp and checking. As over-drying results in poor machining, care must be taken to avoid drying under 10 percent MC. Most suppliers will sell only KD stock, rather than green. Closely monitoring incoming MC to avoid over-dry or under-dry stock is certainly prudent.

Gluing and machining. This wood glues easily with conventional adhesives. Some resin exudation on old (not freshly machined) surfaces will cause difficultly with gluing and finishing from time to time.

This wood machines fairly well, although at times the grain is stringy. Dulling of tools may be more rapid than normal life with other softwoods. Shake (splits running with the grain and not across) is a problem defect, either arising from a bacterial infection in the tree or pounding of the tools on over-dried, brittle wood. Work with the supplier to eliminate hokey pieces and get the correct MC.

Stability. Shrinkage in drying is fairly low. Western larch shrinkage from green to 6 percent MC is 6.3 percent tangentially (the width in flatsawn lumber) and 3.4 percent radially (the thickness of flatsawn lumber). Tamarack has slightly less shrinkage: 5.9 percent and 3.0 percent. Once dried, the wood will move very little even if there are large RH changes or if the MC is not matched to the environments EMC conditions. A typical final MC range is 9.5 to 11.5 percent, unless used in a humid location. It takes approximately a 4.5 percent MC change to result in 1 percent size change tangentially and 9 percent MC change radially.

Strength. Due to its moderate density, these species are fairly strong and stiff. For dry tamarack, the ultimate strength (MOR) is 11,600 psi, stiffness (MOE) is 1.64 million psi and hardness is 590 pounds. For western larch, the ultimate strength (MOR) is 13,000 psi, stiffness (MOE) is 1.87 million psi and hardness is 830 pounds. Douglas-fir values are similar: 13,100 psi, 1.79 million psi, and 600 pounds; in fact, sometimes western larch is sold with Douglas-fir. Note: Comparative oak values are 14,300 psi, 1.82 million psi, and 1290 pounds.

Splitting when nailing or screwing, especially with over-dried wood, is common, so predrilled holes may be necessary.

Color and grain. The heartwood is reddish-brown in color. Sapwood, which is white in color, is seldom found in lumber, as it is only a narrow band in the tree. Typical growth rates are very slow, 30 rings per inch or even more. As a result, the wood appears coarse grained.

The wood is odorless, but does have a slightly oily feel.

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