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Kitchen Flooring: Which is Best for You?

You know what they say; the kitchen is the heart of the home. Which is why its foundations deserve a bit of TLC. Your kitchen flooring is a key element to making your kitchen look amazing. With thousands of colours, styles and materials to choose from, we’ve made choosing the best kitchen flooring for you, a breeze – with a selection of kitchen flooring ideas. 

With kitchen flooring, there are now more options than ever before. With engineered wood, laminate, LVT, EvoCore, and vinyl being amongst the best kitchen flooring options. 


Moreover, the wide range of kitchen flooring options offer a range of prices to cater for all budgets, designs and styles; so choosing your kitchen flooring has never been more personal. 


The range of options on offer provide the opportunity to try something a little different in your kitchen, with patterns, or even zoning if you have an open-plan space.  


Functionality is another important consideration when it comes choosing your kitchen flooring, with factors such as:


  • Water resistance, ability to withstand temperature fluctuation to prevent distortion
  • Underfloor heating compatibility if necessary
  • Durability to prevent wear damage 
  • Ease of maintenance in a kitchen environment


When it comes to the installation, DIY is an option with some flooring’s offering a click system for an easy installation. Alternatively, a professional is another option for fitting your flooring, though will incur an installation charge. 


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Which Flooring Can You Use?

  • Carpet
  • Solid Wood Flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)
  • EvoCore Essentials and Premium
  • EvoCore 360
  • Vinyl Flooring


  • Flooring costs

Design Ideas

  • Find a Colour Palette
  • Modern or Traditional?
  • Wood, Tile, or Something a Little Different?
  • Create Flooring Zones
  • Trending Kitchen Floor Designs

Think About Function

  • Water Resistance
  • Temperature Fluctuation
  • Durability
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Maintenance
  • Installation


Which Flooring Can You Use?

There are many different types of flooring. You’ve got your laminate, your engineered wood, your LVT and so many more options to choose from. 


Like anything, the suitability for flooring can differentiate room to room.


So, we’re going to focus on what is the best kitchen flooring, while hopefully inspiring some kitchen flooring ideas for the heart of your home. 

At a Glance


Kitchens are frequented rooms of the home, most commonly used for cooking, washing, laundry and sometimes entertaining. 


Kitchen flooring has to handle a lot of activity, from general wear and tear of high-traffic, to the effects of moisture exposure. Some types of flooring are compatible with a kitchen, and some aren’t. Below is an overview of these. 


Flooring type Suitability
Laminate suitable for kitchens
Solid Wood caution with suitability
Engineered Wood suitable for kitchens
LVT suitable for kitchens
Carpet not suitable for kitchens
EvoCore suitable for kitchens
Vinyl suitable for kitchens

caution with suitability  With all flooring types, we recommend underfloor heating systems, don’t exceed 27°C to protect the longevity of your flooring.



Whilst it’s doable, carpet is arguably the most unsuitable flooring for your kitchen. 


Meal preparation and cooking can often be a messy task. Spillages and residue mishaps are inevitable in a kitchen environment, and often your kitchen flooring can bear the brunt of such accidents. 


EvoCore 360 tudor oak
EvoCore 360 Tudor Oak

For this reason, it is beneficial to have an easy to clean flooring such as laminate, solid wood or EvoCore, where those mishaps are solved with quick wipe. 


Of course the answer to this could be a darker shade carpet, so those spillages are easier to hide. However, you must take into consideration that with food, comes odours. 


Spillages could leave lingering smells if unable to clean fully, and whilst that may cause hours of curiosity for the dog, it could result in a premature flooring change due to unpleasant smells. Though if you’re familiar with young children and play dough, this just be another clean up on the to-do list.


Being a high traffic area of the home, a kitchen floor also needs to be durable to ensure it lasts. A carpet will wear down a lot more in this environment, as opposed to hard flooring. 


When it comes to kitchen flooring ideas, we’d leave carpet out of the conversation and opt for a more suitable alternative.


Solid Wood Flooring


Solid wood is another flooring option that is usable as a kitchen floor. However, we would advise against using it for this purpose. 


This type of flooring is exactly what the name suggests. It’s solid wood. This means that it is susceptible to natural movements and distortion from exposure to heat and moisture. 


Though this type of flooring looks the part, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can play the part. But that’s okay, because there are plenty of other options; solid wood can still be used in other areas of your home to spruce up your living areas. 


Engineered wood flooring offers a similar effect to solid wood, whilst holding the capability to withstand the demands of your kitchen environment. We’ll talk more about that next. 


Engineered Wood Flooring


Engineered wood is a good option when it comes to best flooring options for your kitchen, providing it’s well maintained. For those of you who have your heart set on the solid wood look, but don’t want the possible movement and distortion issues, then engineered wood is most likely the choice for you.


Engineered wood flooring is multiple layers of timber combined with a solid wood veneer. This allows for wood expansion and has a higher moisture tolerance level, meaning you get all the compliments from the appearance of a natural solid wood floor, without the concern of having to replace it from expansion deformation.


Additionally, this type of flooring comes in a range of styles, species and finishes. Whatever your style, there will be something for you.


Though this flooring can be used in a kitchen, this is under the conditions that spillages are cleaned up immediately to prevent altering the appearance of the floor, and to maintain that natural essence. Because a ketchup stain doesn’t always compliment even the highest quality wood flooring.


Laminate Flooring


Next, we’ll look at laminate. This product is a perfect alternative to real wood or tile. 


Coming in different styles, sizes and thickness, this type of flooring can deliver the needs of any room of the home, with a range of budget options, too. It really caters for everyone, and everything.


Laminate offers a wide variety of designs in comparison to other flooring because it uses a printed image to get the wood effect. Therefore, whatever your style preference, or colour schemes, laminate flooring will have an option to suit and makes for great kitchen flooring ideas.


One thing to consider with laminate flooring is AC ratings. Standing for “abrasion class”. AC refers to a floor’s durability against a number of key factors. The higher the AC rating, the more durable the flooring is. 


AC1 Suitable for moderate traffic areas with little foot traffic
AC2 Suitable for general traffic areas such as dining rooms
AC3 Suitable for heavy traffic areas. Generally usable in all areas of the home. 
AC4 Suitable for moderate traffic in commercial spaces
AC5 Suitable for heavy traffic in commercial spaces


When used in a kitchen, we recommend an AC rating of AC3 or above. This is because this will cater for the high traffic within this area of the home, protecting from wear more so than AC1 or AC2 laminate flooring.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


Another possible kitchen flooring idea is Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). There are two types of LVT flooring: Click LVT and Gluedown LVT.


Both types of LVT are similar in their quality, though there are distinctive differences between them both. 


Click LVT Flooring:


This type of flooring requires underlay and is laid as a floating floor. It clicks together to ensure the flooring is firm and connected. 


  • Easy and quick to install
  • More expensive, although thicker, than gluedown
  • Cheaper to fit than gluedown
  • No glue needed
  • Best for DIY 


Gluedown LVT Flooring:


While click is laid as a floating floor, with gluedown LVT the flooring is glued to the subfloor with an adhesive, aiding in the prevention of lifting and movement. 


  • Cheaper product than click
  • Needs a flat subfloor for installation 
  • Use feature strips to create borders
  • More expensive to fit than click 


In terms of being a best kitchen flooring option, LVT makes for a great option. With click LVT, comfort will be optimal from thickness and underlay.


Alternatively, gluedown is less likely to move, as well as feel the effects of high traffic in the kitchen as it’s attached to the subfloor. 


Moreover, both types of LVTare durable, water-resistant and has the appearance of real wood or tile, as well as being compatible with underfloor heating. Therefore making for a great option for kitchen flooring ideas.


So, when it comes to an all-rounder in the kitchen department, LVT is a perfect option. 




Next, we’ll look at the most versatile flooring on the market: EvoCore. Offering benefits such as durability, stability and versatility amongst many others. It’s home-wide suitability means it is an ideal option for your kitchen flooring. 

EvoCore Essentials and Premium


The EvoCore ranges – Essentials and Premium boast many benefits that make them one of the best kitchen flooring options. 


These benefits include: 


  • EvoCore is 100% waterproof
  • Built-in underlay backing
  • Anti-slip surface
  • No expansion or contraction when exposed to heat and cold
  • Pet-friendly
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • No glue needed for installation, due to its easy click-lock installation feature
  • Real wood look and feel
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Hides subfloor imperfections
  • Can be laid over existing flooring
  • Eco-friendly


Though both suited for kitchens, the ranges differentiate in their quality, with the Premium range being classed as more luxurious out of the two. Furthermore, EvoCore Premium range are embossed so that the texture on the surface matches the printed design, giving a realistic wood look. 


This means you can have a flooring suited to the practical needs of your kitchen whilst reaping the benefits of style and luxury. 


Just look at that list of benefits. How could this not be a possibility in your kitchen flooring options?


EvoCore 360


Having seen major success with the Essentials and Premium ranges, EvoCore has evolved further, giving you even more choice when it comes to one of the best kitchen flooring options. 


Another extensive list of benefits are coming your way, because EvoCore 360 whilst possessing most of the advantages as the Premium and Essentials ranges, also has its own outstanding features. 


For instance, those patterns commonly desired in kitchens, such as herringbone and tiled designs, are now available in EvoCore 360. And not just that. These designs can be mixed and matched too. Not sure on which colour herringbone? That’s fine. Use them all. With both wood and tiled designs there’s plenty to choose from. 


This range allows for intricate designs, so not only do you have flooring that plays the part, it also looks the part with bespoke options to maximise creativity and uniqueness in your kitchen. EvoCore 360 caters for mixing and matching colours for a unique look as well as joining wood to tile seamlessly.


Still need more kitchen design ideas, don’t worry. We’re not finished yet. 


Vinyl Flooring


Now, we’ll look at vinyl flooring. This type of flooring comes in rolls, with various designs such as tile and wood effect. This is a common option for kitchens as it offers durability, it’s easy to look after and is suitable for all rooms of the home. 


Offering a wide range of styles, colours and thicknesses, vinyl flooring provides the style you want, to the budget you have. 


Ordinarily, vinyl flooring is stain resistant and water resistant, which means it’s perfect for a kitchen. With all the potential for spills and thrills, the easy clean up that accompanies this flooring is a bonus. 


As well as this, vinyl has a cushioned backing for more comfort underfoot, giving a luxurious feel with every stride. 




Different flooring has different costs. Style, quality and material are just some of the factors that affect cost of flooring. 


One thing to note: Depending on the type of flooring you choose, there is always the potential to fit it yourself which could reduce costs in installation. However, you can also hire a professional to do the job. 


Laminate Solid Wood Engineered Wood LVT Carpet EvoCore Vinyl
Price Range From £8.74/m²  From £33.74/m²  From £34.99/m²  From £12.59/m²  From £7.00/m²  From £44.99/m²  From £8.99/m² 
Ranges See More See More See More See More See More See More See More


Design Ideas


With every interior, you need to consider the design as a whole. 


Colours, patterns and furnishings are just some of the factors that need to be incorporated in your vision of the finished product. Starting from the bottom up, flooring is another one of these considerations. 


Being the surface of the entire space, this needs to complement everything else in the room. However, this can be a long task given that we’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to colour schemes. 


To help inspire you with possible colour schemes for your kitchen, we’ve constructed some popular schemes. Give your inner interior designer a head start when it comes to planning with these ideas…


Possible Colour Palette For Kitchens 


One look that’s proven popular in recent times is grey tones with a hint of mustard. 

mustard and grey design

This gives a stylish tone with a pop of colour to draw the attention. Whilst this offers a simplistic vibe, a complementary flooring comes in the form of something more stand out such as a patterned wood or tiled effect. 


Below are some possible flooring options we think would look amazing with this colour palette. 


Valencia blue tile Herringbone palazzo oak flooring

Valencia Tile Blue Grey 

Herringbone Palazzo Oak


Another colour scheme that has made its way to the top of the kitchen trends is blush pink coupled with black and silver tones.


blush pink palette kitchen flooring ideas

This is another sleek colour scheme that allows for a rustic element to be brought in, coupling a modern and vintage vibe, giving a new contemporary look. 


Flooring’s that could couple with this design include:


Loft Bavarian Oak Flooring Grey Chevron Flooring

Loft Bavarian Oak Engineered Wood 

Brushed Grey Chevron Oak


Modern or Traditional?


When it comes to kitchen flooring ideas, the design of your kitchen as a whole plays a big part. 


For instance, a traditional kitchen interior often bears the need for darker wood or tiled flooring designs to add to the authenticity of the look. 


On the other hand, a traditional design is often best complemented with greys or white flooring tones. Light and airy is currently on-trend, making for a more welcoming space.  


Though there are certainly types of flooring that cross over the modern and traditional boundaries. These make for great kitchen flooring ideas, as you have the freedom to curate your own style. 


For instance, herringbone flooring, whilst offering a traditional design, bringing it into contemporary settings gives a modern twist on timeless classic, thus modernising this style. 


Let’s take a look at possible flooring ideas to parallel your traditional and modern designs:




As previously mentioned, traditional flooring usually requires darker wood to give the bona fide classic aesthetic. Using rich colours such as browns, golds or even charcoal tones can add a luxurious feel to your kitchen.  And with colour, comes style, texture and materials to consider. Below are some possible design ideas to help inspire you with your kitchen flooring ideas. 

Collage of darker wood patterns



Designs that fall into the contemporary aesthetic are seeing a lighter flooring, commonly white and grey, bring finish the room with a stylish foundation. 


Open planned, light and airy spaces are all the rage, and white and grey flooring’s are a perfect match to home designs such as these. 


Of course we couldn’t leave you uninspired, so below are some possible options to give you some kitchen flooring ideas for your modern kitchen design. 


Collage of lighter kitchen flooring ideas


Wood, Tile, or Something a Little Different?


Deciding on a style can be a tough decision when there are so many to choose from. But in this case, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, more is more. 


There’s never been so many options when it comes to flooring!


LVT, laminate and EvoCore 360 all come in both wood and tiled designs so your options are endless. 


Looking for something a bit different?


What about trying a herringbone or chevron pattern to add more depth and texture to your kitchen? 


Or what’s more, have all eyes down and make your flooring the feature of your kitchen, with something a little more out there. 


Kitchen flooring idea with patterned flooring
Valencia Tile – Retro Blue Grey



Create Flooring Zones


Some homes have multi-use spaces. One of these uses often being the kitchen with desired modern designs typically compromising of an open-plan layout creating a light and airy vibe, as well as adding a social aspect. 


Flooring zones can often be a way to create distinctive areas depending on usage and distinguish between areas whilst still housing them in one space. 


Take an open plan kitchen diner for instance. Zoning can be a great way to separate the two, having defined areas with their own vibes. In addition, adding a tiled flooring in the kitchen, flowing to a wood flooring in the dining space of the room could be just one of the many kitchen flooring ideas that could enhance your space. 

kitchen flooring ideas - EvoCore 360 mixed colours and patterns
Mix colours and seamlessly transition between wood and tile with EvoCore 360


Trending Kitchen Floor Designs


On the topic of trends, one flooring we’re loving at the minute is our EvoCore 360 range. 


When it comes to really making your house your home, with your own touch, this is the way to do it. It allows for bespoke designs, zoning, practicality in the kitchen and looks amazing.


tudor oak evocore 360 evocore 360 stormy sky evocore 360 fossil oak

EvoCore 360 Tudor Oak 

EvoCore 360 Stormy Sky

EvoCore 360 Fossil Oak

More Info 

More Info

More Info

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Think About Function


When it comes to kitchen flooring, while we want it to look amazing, functionality plays a part in your decision. 


We’ve briefly touched upon which flooring’s cater for which functions, however we will cover the whole range of functionalities to consider when making your kitchen flooring purchase:


  • Laminate
  • Engineered Wood
  • LVT
  • EvoCore
  • Vinyl

Water Resistance


Water resistance is a big consideration when in relation to kitchen flooring ideas. 


Kitchens are hubs for moisture, being a place people cook, clean, do laundry and wash dishes. 


With certain types of flooring, this moisture can cause expansion, movement and sometimes lifting. As a result of this, it can often cause the need for a new flooring to be installed. 


For this reason, water-resistant flooring in the kitchen should be top of the list when it comes to functionality. 


Temperature Fluctuation


As well as excess moisture, kitchens see fluctuating temperatures too. Cooking or even making your cup of coffee on a morning can cause the temperature in your kitchen to rise. 


When this action is complete,  this heat will disperse and the temperature will drop again. Though these aren’t too significant, extreme temperature fluctuations can result in damage to flooring such as solid wood. 


Solid wood flooring, being made of natural materials, sees the effects of heat and moisture. It can distort, move and expand more so than any other flooring. This makes choosing a more reliable flooring such as: EvoCore, laminate, LVT or engineered wood a more compatible option.


Many kitchens feature underfloor heating which also aids in temperature fluctuation, and therefore needs to be catered for with the correct flooring type, but we’ll talk more about that, next. 


To aid in preparing your flooring to get used to the temperature of the room it will be installed in, acclimatising your flooring is a way to prevent some of the issues caused by temperature fluctuation. This is a great technique to use with the exception of EvoCore as this doesn;t require acclimatisation.


This gives the flooring time to adapt to the room’s natural temperature and moisture levels, and can prevent warping, buckling and splitting in the long run from it contracting and expanding through heat. 




Another functionality factor to consider is the durability of your flooring. Kitchens tend to be high-traffic areas of the home, and with a large family this is all the more true; the need for a more durable flooring is greater. 


Durability plays an important part in choosing the right kitchen flooring for your kitchen. Your flooring needs to take the wear of this foot traffic to prevent altering the appearance and premature replacement. 


Flooring such as EvoCore, engineered wood, LVT and laminate (AC3 and over) are just some of the most durable kitchen flooring’s out there and therefore, are some of the best kitchen flooring ideas when it comes to durability. 


Underfloor Heating


Got underfloor heating and not sure on what kitchen flooring is best? We can help!


Underfloor heating is growing more popular, and so is the need to know which flooring is compatible with it. 


In terms of kitchen flooring types that are compatible with underfloor heating, we recommend:


  • Engineered Wood
  • Stone and Tile
  • Laminate
  • LVT
  • Vinyl 
  • EvoCore


These floors are great contenders when it comes to what flooring to choose with underfloor heating because they’re able to withstand temperature fluctuation, are efficient in conducting the heat so the benefits of underfloor heating are achieved and their appearance isn’t affected by it. 


On the other hand, flooring types we don’t recommend using with underfloor heating are:


  • Solid Wood
  • Carpet
  • Cork


In relation solid wood, it’s ability to withstand temperature fluctuation is not great, often resulting in damage to the appearance of the flooring. 


With thick carpet (over 2.5 tog), the heat of the underfloor heating can struggle to transfer, so the benefits of underfloor heating are non existent when it comes to this flooring. If you were to use carpet with underfloor heating, ensure it’s under 2.5 tog.


Finally, cork is a natural insulator and could therefore lessen the impact of your underfloor heating. 


Answer your question?


We hope so, however, if you need to know more, we’ve got a whole blog dedicated to the best suited floors to underfloor heating to help you further. 




When it comes to floor maintenance, certain floors require instant cleaning to protect from these mishaps. 


Generally, laminate and real wood flooring need to be cleaned with caution because they can be prone to lift with excess water presence, as well as possibly scratch if care isn’t taken when cleaning.


EvoCore flooring spills


However, hard flooring is incredibly easy to clean making maintenance an easy job. All it takes is a brush of any dirt, followed by a clean with a slightly damp mop. Or alternatively, for real wood flooring you can use an all in one maintenance kit that includes reviving wax, making your flooring look amazing for longer. 




So you’ve found your perfect kitchen flooring? Now it’s time to install it. When it comes to installation, flooring can be a difficult job if it’s not something you’re experienced in. 


However, there are flooring types that offer an easier installation if you care to try your hand at fitting your flooring yourself. 


Laminate, click LVT and EvoCore 360, these all have click systems,  providing an easier and quicker installation. As a result, those of you DIY experts should have no trouble installing these types of flooring, and those of you who aren’t experienced shouldn’t have too much trouble.


Your flooring can be fit at the ‘click’ of your fingers.


Glue-Down LVT is also another option when it comes to recommended kitchen flooring’s, providing the correct adhesive is used. 


For those of you who aren’t confident in installing your kitchen floor, hiring a professional fitter is an alternative option.


Though this will have an installation cost, you will have the assurance your flooring is fit correctly. But trying your hand at a new skill never hurt anyone. In fact, it makes for a great boast when completed!


Wrapping it Up


To conclude, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing the best kitchen flooring for you. 


Whilst appearance, colour and style are all initial considerations, there are practical elements such as temperature fluctuation and water resistance, to account for when it comes to this room of the home. 


Though these practical elements may be a lot to take in, it’s better to know the right kitchen flooring to invest in now, before purchasing something you’ll have to replace in the near future. 


After all, the heart of the home deserves all the love you can give it, so you can love the time spent there. 


Hopefully you’re now an expert in the field of kitchen flooring and are filled with plenty of kitchen flooring ideas, however should you have any more questions, get in touch with our flooring experts, and they will be more than happy to assist with your flooring needs. 


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Three Reasons Why The Right Flooring Can Improve Your Life

Many factors come into play when deciding on the right flooring. With both looks and practicality to consider, it’s hard to pin down exactly what you want – but there’s no reason why you can’t have both! But before you set your heart on a flooring, make sure you’ve considered your personal needs first. 

  1. Underfloor Heating

If this is something you already have or are planning to install, then it will massively influence your flooring choice as not all materials are compatible with it. Even if it’s not something you’re looking to get, it will help with the selling value of your property when you do decide to move on – we can definitely see all homes having underfloor heating in the next 20-30 years!

Solid wood is a beautiful and highly durable choice, but it doesn’t work with underfloor heating unfortunately! With this in mind, if you’ve already fallen for solid wood’s authentic charm but under-floor heating is important to you, then don’t worry. You can still get this tasteful look through engineered, laminate or luxury vinyl tiles which are all compatible with underfloor heating!                                

2. Cleaning & MaintenanceBrimham Cottage Oak 120 x 18mm

The boring bit…cleaning and maintenance! Whether we like it or not, we all have to do it and our floors need a lot of attention to keep them in top specification. This is especially important if you come from a busy family household where mopping and sweeping feels endless! Therefore, the best thing you can do to make your life easier is to reduce this as much as possible. The good news is that you should have no concerns keeping wood, LVT and laminate clean – as no dirt seeps into the surface unlike carpet which is a pain to clean and you’re always worrying about stains!

One of the best attributes of real wood flooring products is that you can sand them down if any scratches or stains do occur, perfect if your pet’s claws scratch or kid’s toys. After you sand your wood floors down, you then refinish them to create the protective wear layer. Not only can this be done once, but can usually be done a number of times depending on wear layer or thickness. So if damage is something that’s more likely to happen in your household, then opt for a wood with a thicker wear layer! However if you’re wanting something a little more wallet friendly, then vinyl is scratch, water and stain proof, making for a complete care free choice!

2. Consider a Timeless Appeal

Once you spend a lot of your hard earned cash on a new floor, you’re not likely to change it any time soon, so it’s there to stay for a while! You’re probably going to change your decor before your flooring, so it’s important that you pick a flooring that will complement all types of interior themes. Timeless appeal is important, you need to make sure you’re going to like it in ten years time! We’re not saying don’t be completely conservative in your choice, but just factor in neutrality! Not only will this make your life easier, but if and when you do come to sell, it’ll help your buyers envision their own things in your home!

Have Your Say

Do you have any tips on the bedroom to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

Remember to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the latest news and discussions. We’re always finding new ways to improve our stock, so keep up to date!

The image features our: Brimham Cottage Oak (SO1035).

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Summer Style: 11 Interior & Flooring Trends for 2020

Worried you’re falling behind on the latest summer décor trends? Well, worry no more. We’ve got the latest 2020 flooring trends to make sure your home makes the grade with this summer interior trends.


When it comes to the latest styles and trends, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Interior is subjective after all, and we all have our own unique taste. We have accumulated our favourite summer interior ideas, to help inspire you and keep you on trend this summer. 

  • Indoor jungles: a natural, urban effect ambience to your space.
  • Herringbone and Chevron Flooring: a timeless style where classic meets contemporary.
  • Sustainable flooring: looking amazing whilst playing a part in the conservation of our ecosystem. 
  • Panelling is an easy and stand out way to add bold features.
  • Rustic décor incorporates period features whilst still having a modern home.
  • Fun patterned floors add an engaging attribute to your smaller spaces.
  • Beach vibes make the most out lighter tones, creating that refreshing airy feel to your home.
  • Bringing a pop of colour into your home is a simple way to make a bold statement.
  • Add more texture and depth to your space by injecting a bit of fun to your room with patterns. 
  • Abstract décor can be a great way to bring unique features to your home. 
  • Black is back and here to make a statement. With the ability to contrast many colours, it allows for daring designs. 

Latest Trends and Styles: 

Interior pages crowd your social media, and the summer sun rays intrude through your windows as we enter the prime periods of heat for the summer. The pressure is on to make our homes current and refreshing. 


You want to create an enjoyable space to spend time with your loved ones – right? 


Well, here are some summer interior ideas to inspire you to do just that, and breathe new life into your home. 


Indoor Jungle


Starting to notice the introduction of plant life in the homes of your friends or family? Then you need to catch up! This summer 2020 interior trend incorporates urban décor and dark wood floors, and is achievable in any home. 


Further, plant life is a great way to tie a simplistic aesthetic and nature together. This is often a minimalistic setting with little furnishings, enhanced by the emerald tones in greenery that ornament the room, providing a jungle vibe. 

Summer home décor - Home filled with plant life


To obtain the full effect and draw out the tones of the decorative vegetation, a dark wood flooring is a great way to contrast. This almost replicates the tones and textures seen in a jungle, and is a great way to captivate your guests, giving them a stylish urban vibe to relax in. 


A wide range of flooring options are available to allow versatility. When it comes to colours and wood effect, most flooring types, such as solid and engineered wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tiles and EvoCore, will accommodate this look, offering darker shades and tones. 


However, to maximise the naturality, engineered wood flooring would provide the full effect having a top layer of real wood with genuine features found in wood. Exposing knots, grains and mineral markings that are caused by the effects of the outdoors. 

Flooring to Compliment This Trend

Farmhouse Golden Smoked Oak Engineered wood  Loft Summer Oak Engineered Wood Salcombe Smoked Ember Oak Engineered Wood
Farmhouse golden smoked oak engineered flooring Loft summer oak flooring Salcombe Smoked Ember Flooring
More Information  More Information More Information
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Timeless – Herringbone and Chevron flooring


Sometimes, some things just never get old; flooring styles such as herringbone and chevron are no exception. These 2020 flooring trends really bring a focal point to your space. And, with so much going on at your feet, the rest of your furnishings and décor don’t have to be over the top. 




Herringbone flooring refers to the timeless, zigzag pattern parquet blocks are laid in to form a distinctive fishbone style. This gives a classic yet contemporary finish to any room in your home.


Summer interior trends - Herringbone Pearl Oak Laminate Flooring
Herringbone Pearl Oak Laminate Flooring


Becoming more and more popular, herringbone flooring can be suited to the styles of many homes due to its timeless appearance. So whether you’re a minimalist or one for retro interiors, this flooring will work with whatever your design aesthetic. 


Herringbone flooring can be purchased in an array of colours to complement your space and personal preference, thus making it achievable for anyone to bring this flooring into their décor. 




Another timeless classic flooring style that brings a focal point to any room due to its distinctive pattern is chevron. The chevron pattern shares resemblance to the herringbone style flooring, with one significant difference: the floorboards are facing each other, creating a “V” shape rather than the iconic zig-zag of herringbone.


Summer interior trends - Grey Chevron Flooring
Brushed Grey Chevron Oak Solid Wood


Again, with its classic yet contemporary demeanour, this 2020 flooring trend can be introduced into any home, with any aesthetic. 


Like an elegant look with Chesterfield sofas and brass framed paintings? How about a shabby chic feel? Not a problem, this summer home décor will go with any style, and its versatility means that if you want to redecorate – great! This flooring trend will still look amazing with whatever interior changes you want to make.


Never go out of style with these 2020 flooring trends for your summer home décor. 


Sustainability is Stylish


With the ever-present importance to preserve the environment, it is important – now more than ever – that we ensure we’re sustainable and environmentally friendly wherever possible. 


Well, this 2020 flooring trend achieves just that, whilst looking amazing and offering a tonne of other benefits. Let us introduce you to the EvoCore range.


EvoCore flooring is a versatile flooring range that is compatible with any room of the house. Yes, any! Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms; there are no limits. Additionally, EvoCore designs can be bespoke, and to your taste with mix and match colour and style options. Not forgetting, you guessed it… it’s 100% recyclable and eco friendly; it’s even made from 80% recycled materials!


Summer interior trends - EvoCore 360 Tiled flooring
EvoCore 360 Foggy Shore Tiles



EvoCore offers a range of other benefits too, including: 


  • Waterproof 
  • Antislip 
  • Hardwearing
  • Pet Friendly
  • Premium and Essential ranges offer in built underlay 
  • Easy installation
  • Homewide suitability
  • Noise Reduction
  • Real Wood Feel
  • Hides Subfloor Imperfections


Not only are you doing your part in conservation duties, but your home will look amazing and you’ll be up to date with the latest 2020 flooring trends. 




Now they say history repeats itself, and with this summer interior trend, that appears to correct! Wall panelling is on the rise this summer. Previously used to border a wall, this style segments an over the top wallpaper with a wooden panelled section below. You know the style we mean. In fact, watch any 70’s film, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.


But, it’s making a comeback. We all love a comeback story, don’t we? 


And the beauty of panelling is that you can do whatever you want with it. No more sticking to the norms. 


Summer home décor - Images of styles of panelling on walls


Squares, rectangles, zigzags; panelling styles are limitless. This summer interior idea is one that is making a bold appearance when coupled with the right flooring. A contrasting colour helps accentuate the panelled wall, and draw focus to it as a key feature of any room. 


Moreover, this look is easily achievable and can be done by anyone at any DIY skill level. With a step by step guide of how to create this look, you can introduce this style into your home in no time.





Now, we’ll look at another trend that has had its own comeback story. Rustic.


With summer interior trends grasping onto the idea of combining classic with contemporary, this trend has become a hit for those homeowners with period features that they want to highlight. 


Got beams in your roof? An old oak mantle piece drawing attention to your log burner? Why not harmonise the room with other rustic furnishings and natural looking flooring? Couple this with whites and natural light, and you have your contemporary vibe, whilst still exposing amazing traditional features that make your house unique. 

Summer home décor - Room with rustic decor

This look can be created when buying flooring such as laminate. It offers a real wood feel and striking features and complements the wooden period effects around your home. 


Fun Flooring Patterns


Next, we’ll look at a trend that shows wacky is the new wonderful, with fun and “out there” patterns emerging in the 2020 flooring trends department.


The mismatched floors, the sharp contrasting colours and the aztec patterns, all provide a way of giving your rooms a ‘wow’ factor. 


Summer interior trends - Patterned tile flooring
Valencia Tile Retro Blue Grey


Popular in smaller rooms of the home, this 2020 flooring trend is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms as an easy method of making a small space engaging. 


Flooring with more pattern and colour through it tends to work better in smaller rooms. This prevents the patterns becoming overwhelming on the eye. Don’t worry – if you were thinking of transforming a larger space, patterns that don’t appear as “busy” still look amazing in larger spaces. 


Get eccentric with fun flooring patterns with this summer interior trend.


Beach House


With all the summer feels, holiday desires soon set in and we want to be walking barefoot on the sand under a tropical sunset. While that is possible, and offers a brief moment of escape, why not go the extra mile and bring that holiday beach vibe, to you?


Summer home décor - light and airy beach house


Introducing those white tones through furnishings, floorings and accessories, helps to freshen up your home and create a light and airy feel associated with being at the beach. 


Going for white or light grey flooring can help with light reflections around the room, making it feel larger in size and a more space to be in. 


Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re on holiday all summer long?

Flooring to Compliment This Trend


Villa Gala Oak White Laminate Venice Whitewashed Oak LVT Vintage Chateau Herringbone White Chestnut Laminate
Villa Gala Oak White Laminate Venice Whitewashed oak LVT flooring vintage chateau herringbone laminate
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Pops of colour


Noticed those bright and summery colours coming into play? The oranges and the yellows that are used in furnishing like pillows, a feature wall or a rug to embellish your home.


They look great, don’t they?


That’s because their bright nature makes a bold statement in any room. This is especially true when coupled with softer coloured furnishings such as grey sofas, or floors. 


Summer home décor - Room with yellow feature wall


This summer home décor trend is SO easy to accomplish as it can be created through the addition of a few bright pillows and furnishings, to add that touch of colour. For this reason, this has become a popular trend this summer!

Flooring to Compliment This Trend


Luxury Silk Grey Oak Solid Wood Farmhouse Grey Laminate Mayfair Pearl Oak Engineered Wood
Summer interior trends - Luxury Silk grey oak solid wood flooring Summer interior trends - Farmhouse Grey Laminate Flooring Summer interior trends - Mayfair Pearl Oak river Engineered wood

More Information

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Make a bold statement in your room with a touch of colour!


Pattern on Pattern


You know that popular saying “less is more”, well not with this summer home décor idea. Dramatic is the new simple when it comes to standards for this summer!


Summer home décor - Room filled with patterns

Patterns upon patterns is what is gripping the attention in the world of interior design this summer. Add more depth and textures to your rooms with patterned wallpaper, flooring and furnishings. Too much is never enough with this latest summer home décor trend.


Flooring to Compliment This Trend


Milano Click Black Slate LVT Valencia Tile Retro Light Florence Tile Palazzo Slate 
Summer interior trends - Black Slate LVT flooring Summer interior trends - Patterned tile flooring Summer interior trends - Florence tile patterned flooring

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For summer 2020 typical just isn’t enough. Wallpaper and a one colour painted wall just won’t suffice when it comes to this trend. 


Have you been seeing a spiral in, well… Spirals? Dots? Diamond patterns and multicoloured triangles? Don’t be concerned. You’re not crazy.


But these patterns are. With this new summer interior trend, anything goes! 

Geometric patterned wall summer home décor


With unique patterns on the wall drawing the focus, and a contrasting floor, your space is sure to stand out this summer, being a talking point for those gatherings. 



Black is the new Black 


You heard us! Black has looped back around and is making quite the impression. 


With its versatility in contrasting with an array of colours and styles, this trend allows for bold statements to be incorporated in standing out against black walls and dark tone. 


Compliment a black room with any white or bright coloured furnishing or light coloured flooring, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the visual appeal created by the juxtaposing tones accentuating your home. 

Summer home décor - Room with black feature wall

This look can be achieved with dark paint or wallpaper, followed by the incorporation of a lighter colour. Why not try a feature wall on top of the black using white contrasting wall hangings to allure you to the bold statement made in the dark room? Add more depth by introducing a white floor. 


This daring look is easy to create and will bring you bang up to trend in the latest 2020 summer interior trends. 


Feeling inspired?


Like what you see? Good! Because that means you’re already a step in the right direction to being on trend with your summer home décor. 


With some trends offering a timeless aesthetic, you won’t even have to consider whether or not trends will last, and worry about redecorating it again in the near future. 


Have any flooring related questions? Get in touch now and our team of experts will be more than happy to help you with all you need to know.


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Introducing EvoCore 360

You may have heard of our brand new flooring range – EvoCore. Coming in a range of different styles and with home-wide suitability, it’s the next step in the evolution of flooring. Well, we’re excited to announce that, due to popular demand, we’re expanding the range. Introducing the brand new: EvoCore 360.


Providing more styles, stability and versatility; undoubtedly, this range proves to be one of our most diverse yet.


EvoCore 360 is made to suit any room, any lifestyle, with any design. An innovative 360 click-lock system, allows for a quick and easy installation, as well as bespoke designs. This flooring has something for everyone. 


 Let’s take a quick look at just some of the benefits of EvoCore 360:


  • Suitable in all rooms of the house
  • Underfloor heating compatibility 
  • Waterproof
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Hardwearing 
  • Tiled and wood designs
  • 360 click-lock fitting system
  • Lay in a herringbone pattern
  • Seamlessly join wood to tile


This versatile range could transform your home and breathe new life into your space.

What is EvoCore 360?

Our EvoCore ranges are designed with home-wide suitability in mind. It caters for all areas of the home and lifestyles that come with them, while providing the ability to design and create your flooring to your own taste. 


EvoCore 360 is made up of the following 4 layers:


  1. Protective PU lacquer
  2. Wear layer at 0.55mm 
  3. Acoustic vinyl decor layer (with fibreglass)
  4. Rigid composite board (RCB) with DreamClick locking elements
Flooring showing the four layers of EvoCore 360
Layers of EvoCore 360


This put together makes the perfect flooring for your home, while looking flawless.  


Mix and Match Designs


This range offers a wide variety of colours and styles to suit your aesthetic. In addition, if that wasn’t enough, mix and match the ranges to create a unique look and feel to your home. So, if you like to get creative, then EvoCore 360 will be right up your street. 


The number of colours you want to include in your design is completely up to you, and looks particularly impressive in a unique herringbone pattern or when creating a Wood to Tile design.

Flooring with boarder design
EvoCore 360 Wood to Tile Design

As each board simply clicks together, it makes for a seamless design when transitioning between effects and rooms. As a result, this allows for different areas of your home to have their own look and feel with ease and finesse. 

Evocore 360 styles - Border , herringbone and tile
Evocore 360 styles – Wood to Tile, Herringbone and Tile

EvoCore 360 Bestsellers

The EvoCore 360 range has an array of styles to choose from, but we’ve chosen some of our best sellers to give you some inspiration when it comes to finding your perfect flooring, and transforming your home.

Wood Design Bestsellers

cinnamon swirl range style glacier oak style Evocore 360 flooring light biscuit oak style
Cinnamon Swirl Oak  Glacier Oak  Light Biscuit Oak
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Tiled Design Bestsellers

EvoCore 360 Flooring light cloud style flooring pebble beach style flooring foggy shore style
Light Cloud Pebble Beach  Foggy Shore
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EvoCore 360 Benefits


With great versatility, comes great benefits. Of course EvoCore 360 is not short of those. 


  • Suitable in all rooms of the home – Compatible with all rooms in your home where temperatures don’t exceed 27 degrees.


  • Underfloor heating compatibility – This flooring range is fully compatible with underfloor heating. For electrical underfloor heating, we recommend a maximum of 60W/m².


  • Waterproof – EvoCore 360 is 100% waterproof, and withstands moisture in high risk areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Quick and easy to fit – Fitted with a 360 click-lock system, and able to cover minor subfloor imperfections, this flooring is effortless to fit with an outstanding finish.


  • 360 click-lock system – Allows for a quick installation, and the ability to mix and match colours and styles for a unique look. 


  • Easy to maintain – Ease of cleaning for those muddy paw prints or spillages. Just a wipe down with soapy water makes for a stress-free clean up.


  • Hard-wearing – This range has been designed to be very hard-wearing, holding up to everyday wear and tear. 


  • Pet friendly – Pets are no issue for EvoCore 360 with ease of cleaning after those muddy walks. As well as that, it has scratch resistant surfaces. So no need to worry about those long nails.


  • Recyclable – It is made with 80% recycled materials. So, not only are you getting a fantastic floor, you’re doing your bit for the environment too. It can also be fully recycled!


  • Touch of nature – The EvoCore 360 ranges feature a slightly textured surface, replicating a real wood or tiled floor. 


  • Wood or Tiled designs – This range comes in a variety of wood colours as well as tiled designs offering slate, stone, and marble effects. 


  • Lifetime residential warranty – Comes with a lifetime residential warranty. Not only that, but a 10-year commercial warranty too. 


EvoCore 360 Suitability


EvoCore 360 is suitable in all environments, being a multifaceted product catering to all household flooring needs. 


The EvoCore 360 range is 100% waterproof which means you can couple your unique stylings with any room of the house. 


YES. Any!


Want to spruce up the kitchen with vibrant designs, or accentuate your bathroom with stunning and unique patterns? No need to be limited. 


Boasting a slip resistant surface created by it’s slightly textured finish, this provides extra grip for those rooms susceptible to water presence.


Got underfloor heating? EvoCore 360 is fully compatible!




EvoCore 360 caters for pet owners too. No need to worry about wear and tear from long nails on your floor, as EvoCore 360 is scratch resistant. And you can forget about rolling your eyes when the muddy paw prints pattern your floor, because this product is waterproof and easy to clean. So those prints will be mopped away with ease.


Easy Maintenance 


Children’s activities can often lead to the use of crayons or accidental spillages. But need to panic when this happens. These can be wiped clean with a little bit of soapy water making for a stress-free clean up


Industrial Chic Evocore 360


EvoCore 360 Installation


Uniquely, EvoCore 360 features a 360 fitting mechanism (Omni-Click 360) meaning it can be fitted by both length and width. This gives you the ability to create bespoke flooring designs that accent your home interior and fulfil your style needs. 


When it comes to installation, this is a quick and easy process thanks to the 360 click-lock system, designed to use in all areas of your home. This timely process means you’ll not only save time but installation costs will be reduced as well. 


This unique click-lock system allows you to fit your flooring in a herringbone pattern, as well as join wood and tile together. Moreover, this is great if you want to create separations in an open-planned kitchen to living spaces, with no need for a transition strip. 


Is your subfloor uneven? Fear not! EvoCore 360 has got that covered, too. Literally. With the ability to cover minor imperfections in your subfloor, this range allows for a flawless finish, every time.


EvoCore 360 Accessories

Last but not least, this range requires some accessories to make sure you achieve the perfect finish, and get the most out of your floor. 

EvoCore 360 3-in-1 Profile 


EvoCore 360 3-in-1 Profile can be used as either a Ramp, T-profile or an End Profile. 


These are perfectly colour matched to the range and are available in 2m (6.5ft) lengths – Exact Specification: 2000mm (L) x 49mm (H) x 10mm (W).

EvoCore360 T-Profile
EvoCore360 T-Profile



EvoCore 360 underlay is for use with the 360 range only. It is 1.5mm thick and a coverage of 9.60m² per pack; 20 boards at 1.2m x 0.4m per board. It has a thermal resistance rating of 0.6 Tog and provides impact sound reduction up to 19dB. Additionally, the underlay is mould resistant and made with recycled materials. So not only are you getting a fantastic product but you’re helping with sustainability of our eco system.

EvoCore360 Underlay

Get your Flawless Finish 


In conclusion, EvoCore 360 is ideal for transforming any room, in any home with options for bespoke designs to suit your unique style and design needs.


With a multitude of other benefits that makes it suitable for whatever lifestyle you have, and ease of installation, EvoCore 360 could be the perfect solution to your home revamp. 


Take a look at our EvoCore 360 range now to start creating your perfect flooring. Alternatively, if you have any more questions on this flooring range, get in touch and our team of flooring experts will be happy to answer any of your questions. 


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Flooring For Your Busy Family Home

Parenthood come with many trials and challenges, one of them being keeping on top of all the housework! Cleaning is something that’s always nagging at us, but what if we told you that there are flooring choices that can help make your life easier? Many of us think that we can’t have both practicality and good looks, but in the modern flooring world there’s no reason you can’t have both.

With all the wonders of modern technology, flooring has massively benefitted from it too. From water and stain proof luxury vinyl tiles to stylish real wood, there’s something for everyone. Your flooring will come into contact with lots of footfall and heavy domestic use over the years, so let’s dive in and have a look at some of the best options if you come from a big household!

Laminate & Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Anyone who has laminate or LVT in their home will know that they have an array of practical benefits, so you’ll nearly always find them in at least one room in the home. Both laminate and LVT are constructed in a way that makes them a breeze to clean and being a busy family home we know that spillages are a common occurrence with kids, especially at tea time! The last thing you want is to be constantly sweeping, hoovering and mopping! Additionally, you don’t need any specialist floor cleaners with these two, warm soapy water for mopping will doNest Royal Oak Click Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Tile Wood Flooring - 6.5mm Thick (inc. 1mm Underlay)

Perhaps the most useful benefits of these two flooring options is that they are resistant to stains, water and scratches making them perfect for rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom that see high exposure to these! Once more, they are both anti-slip which is a huge bonus when you have little ones running around after bath time. This also gives them a soft landing, so perfect for when your kids are playing and take those inevitable tumbles.

Under-floor heating is something that has grown in popularity significantly in recent years, even though it’s been around since ancient times! With more and more of us having it in our homes, the flooring world needs to keep up with these demands. The good news is that laminate and LVT are both compatible with under-floor heating, which will add that extra comfort and warmth for you and your little ones!

When we buy a new floor, we want to be secure in the knowledge that they’ll last. Luckily, both laminate and LVT are very durable and will last for many years without showing wear – perfect for homes with lots of footfall and heavy domestic use.

Solid & Engineered Wood

There’s no question that wood flooring is very desirable and will add class and sophistication in your home. If you’re looking to impress, then there’s no better way then the authentic beauty of wood flooring. Although it might look fabulous, its not necessarily the best option for a busy family home. Wood flooring does come at a high price and we know when you have a family you need to budget – you really do pay for luxury! The other thing to consider is that wood flooring is no good when it comes into contact with water and can scratch and stain. As discussed before, spillages and scratches are a common occurrence in family households and this along with paying a lot of money for your flooring, it’s certainly something to think about!

Although real wood is susceptible to stains, scratches and water damage there is a way to eradicate it with real wood. You can sand it down and refinish it a number of times depending on wear layer and thickness- but shouldn’t normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years. This along with its already incredibly long life span, makes wood flooring indestructible!

Like anything, it’s all down to your personal preference. If you’re prepared for a little more maintenance and want your interior to really pop, then  wood is a fantastic choice. If you just want something that’s easy to maintain with no extra stress, then LVT and laminate are your best bet.

Have Your Say

Do you have any tips on the bedroom to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

Remember to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the latest news and discussions. We’re always finding new ways to improve our stock, so keep up to date!

The image features our: Nest Royal Oak Click Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Tile Wood Flooring (NESTV129).

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Underlay for Wood, Laminate and Other Hard Flooring

Do I need underlay? Which underlay should I use? Is there a difference between wood flooring underlay and laminate flooring underlay? We’re here to answer these questions, and explain the importance of new underlay should you need it. 


When creating your dream home, it takes a lot of deliberation. Flooring, as well as which accessories to use, bear no exception. 


We know there’s one subject that has potential to cause confusion: underlay.  To make your decision easier, this post covers all you need to know about flooring underlay. 

Depending on your flooring type, as well as fitting method, you may or may not require underlay. If using a gluedown installation, underlay shouldn’t be used, but secret nailing and floating floors can use underlay. Extra comfort, prolonged flooring lifespan, increased insulation and noise reduction are all key benefits of using underlay. However, make sure to use new underlay with new flooring to make the most of these benefits!


From flooring types to fitting methods, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need – all in one place.

Do You Need Underlay?

Now, you may have been told to purchase new underlay as an essential, but whether you actually need it is another story. 


Flooring underlay is a soft cushioning that sits between your flooring and the surface you’re laying it on. Underlay offers a number of benefits, should you require it. 


We’ll run you through these benefits in a moment, but for now, we’ll delve into fitting methods and flooring types to see whether you’ll require underlay or not.

Kitchen using parquet oak floor
Unfinished parquet oak

Flooring Fitting and Type


As mentioned above, there are some fitting methods and types of flooring that simply do not require the use of flooring underlay. The gluedown method is one of them. 


This technique consists of the application of a strong adhesive (made specifically for wood) to the subfloor in small, workable sections. Glue is also used in-between each of the planks’ ‘tongue’ and ‘grooves’, and slotting them into place. 


This fitting process can be used on all wood flooring types including: parquet, laminate, engineered wood and luxury vinyl tiles, but is mostly used on solid wood boards. The nature of the process does not allow for the use of underlay. 


Secret nailing

This technique can be applied to wood flooring types such as: parquet flooring, engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. 


Secret nailing is a method that allows for underlay to be brought into the equation to reap the benefits wood flooring underlay brings. However, it is not entirely essential and the use of underlay is dependent entirely on the room you’re wanting to fit the flooring in.


This process works by driving nails through the ‘tongue’ of the floorboard at a 45 degree angle, and into the subfloor. This fixes the flooring firmly in place and prevents any gaps forming.


If your flooring is being laid on a ground level, it has less of a requirement for underlay than if it is being laid on a higher level floor. This is because there is less need for noise reduction affecting floors below. 

Loft Vintage Oak Flooring with toy car
Loft Vintage Oak

Floating floor

This installation technique seeks no ‘yes or no’ consideration as the floating floor method requires the use of underlay. 


Though not actually hovering in mid-air as the name might suggest, the need for underlay stems from the floor not being attached to the sub-floor. This leaves room for slight movement when walked upon. Good quality flooring underlay reduces this movement and adds comfort underfoot.


Commonly used with: engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, and Evocore360 that boasts its very own EvoCore Underlay. This is a popular method with lots of advantages, though excites some exceptions to the rule. 


Purchasing Evocore Essentials and Premium eliminates the need to purchase any flooring underlay at all; these ranges have underlay built in, making for an easier decision. 

Evocore Flooring with bathtub
Evocore Premium lunar grey


Types of Underlay

Decisions of this nature may seem difficult, only because the options out there are plentiful. However, narrowing down your options becomes a lot easier when you’re given the knowledge to inform your decision. 


Below we explore the different types of underlay and their compatibility, to help you ensure you go away knowing your dream home is one step closer to completion.


Types of underlay What it Looks Like Compatibility
Fibreboard fibreboard underlay Perfect for wood and laminate flooring underlay
Built in Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) roll of timberlay gold underlay Perfect for wood and laminate flooring underlay
Eco-Friendly Underlay timberlay eco friendly underlay Perfect for wood and laminate flooring underlay
Luxury Vinyl Tile Underlay timberlay lvt underlay Suitable for luxury vinyl tiles and underfloor heating
EvoCore 360 Underlay EvoCore 360 underlay Perfect for EvoCore 360
Underfloor Heating Timberlay Heatflow Underlay Perfect for wood and laminate flooring underlay
Self-adhesive Self Adhesive Underlay Perfect for solid wood


Benefits of Underlay

We’re finally at the part you really want to know. Why should you use underlay? 


You know whether or not you need underlay, and you know which underlay is for which flooring. But what exactly are you getting out of it? Believe us when we say… You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Increased comfort – Underlay introduces a cushioned feel to the flooring. It softens your strides and alleviates any discomfort underfoot. 
  2. Prolongs flooring lifespan – Underlay’s cushion helps to absorb some of the shock from playing children, to clumsy drops. Wear and tear are reduced substantially, increasing your floor’s longevity.
  3. Noise reduction – Underlay for flooring adds density, and provides another layer to absorb more sound made by walking, running or any movement on the flooring above.
  4. Reduces heating bills – Underlay acts as an insulating layer that helps trap heat, meaning your space is kept warmer for longer.
  5. Environmentally friendly – You’ll be pleased to know that we pride ourselves in doing our part for the environment, and our new range of Eco Underlay is made from 100% recycled materials, as well as being recyclable.
  6. Certain types are compatible with underfloor heating – Got underfloor heating? Not to worry, we have flooring and underlay that are compatible to ensure you still acquire the benefits of a heated floor.


Enough benefits for you? The practicality of underlay is invaluable; which is exactly why we recommend you take the necessary steps in finding and marrying up the perfect combination to suit your needs. 

New underlay

Underlay is important, but what’s more important is using new underlay when laying a new flooring. Why? Because as time goes on, these benefits begin to fade with natural wear and tear. To get the most out of your new flooring, make sure you pair it with a new underlay.


Investing in new underlay to replace your old one allows you to make the most of the benefits good quality underlay bestows. Whilst not on show to see the wear, the old stuff has been walked on just as much as the flooring you’re about to replace. Buying new will improve your experience with your new flooring purchase as well as prolonging the lifespan of it.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered the in’s and out’s of the factors that play a part in ensuring your new flooring journey is as smooth as possible.


Remember the key considerations to keep at the forefront of your mind when weighing up your decision. Does the flooring fitting and type require underlay? If so, what underlay is compatible with your chosen flooring? All that’s left to do now is to start browsing for your perfect product!


Still not sure? Get in touch with our flooring experts today for the best advice for your new underlay. 


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How Do I Make My Small Room Look Bigger?

If you live in the classic three bed semi, then you’ll be all too familiar with the annoying box room that the unlucky sibling usually ends up with! If it’s not used as a bedroom, then it’s the ‘office’ where things mainly get dumped in. This is usually because none wants to spend time in it when you’ve got a spacious open plan kitchen/diner downstairs. However, if you follow some of our tips then there’s no reason it cant be as pleasant as the rest of the house.

Colours and lighting are always really important to how a room appears, regardless of the type of room. Have you ever heard people say that they wear black because it’s flattering? Well the same rule applies for interior, but the complete opposite! Light colours are the best route to go down when you want to make your room appear bigger, light, airy and spacious is the way to go! We’d recommend whites and creams as the best choices, but pastel colours like blues and yellows can work well too as long as you keep the shade light. If you’re lucky enough to have a large window then great, but if you don’t try and keep the room lit up in all corners so the whole room is visible, giving the illusion more space.

Storage is always an issue with smaller rooms, simply because there’s no space for a big wardrobe once you’ve got your bed in there! The best way to combat this is to of course make use of your space as efficiently as possible, this means under-bed storage, install small shelves, make sure all cupboards are filled and mount your television or screens to the wall. Although of course its obvious that you’re not going to get as much in a smaller room than a bigger one, there’s certainly ways you can make the most of thew space you have.

Avoiding too much clutter is a basic rules in any room, but especially in a smaller one! Avoid having knick-knacks that take up valuable surface space, they often look outdated and collect dust as well as making the place look smaller. If you do like a bit of surface decoration though, then opt for fewer larger items. The same rule works for artwork too, one statement piece as opposed to lots of little pictures. We know keeping surfaces clear is easier said than done, but don’t place stuff down for the sake of it, natural clutter will find it’s way there somehowBrimham Cottage Oak 120 x 18mm

Flooring is one of the main features of any room and it can make or break it. It’s something that’s disruptive and expensive to change and usually the first thing you notice. So, if you’re considering doing up you smaller room then pay close attention to flooring! Wood flooring will always improve the look of a room, as well as introducing authentic and sophisticated charm. It’s freshness will complement your light walls and really give the wow factor! If wood flooring is a little out of your budget, them laminate and luxury vinyl tiles replica its natural premise perfectly but at a cheaper price and easier maintenance. 

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The image features our: Brimham Cottage Oak (SO1035).

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Oregon Myrtle (a.k.a. California Laurel)

Oregon myrtle, often just called myrtle wood, also known as California laurel (Umbellularia californica), is the most expensive wood in North America. The wood, especially the burls, has exquisite grain and color, especially if the logs were submerged for a while before processing.

Colors can range from light brown to dark brown to gray with creamy, gold, silvery, green, and purplish hues. The wood is therefore prized for curios, as well as furniture. Stringed instrument makers (Technical name: luthiers) find that this wood also produces excellent sound in a guitar and violin. In 1869 the golden spike connecting the transcontinental railroad tracks un Utah was driven into the myrtle wood tie.

Myrtle is found only along the Pacific Coast from Southern Oregon south through California. The trees can grow up to 80 feet and can be up to 3 feet in diameter. Although it is a hardwood (that is, it has broad leaves), it is also an evergreen. Myrtle wood trees are harvested and sawn into lumber, but another source for small quantities of the wood is driftwood found on the Oregon beaches.

The leaves of this tree, when crushed, emit a strong odor. “The foliage, when bruised, gives out a most powerful, camphor-like scent. I have been obliged to remove from under its shade, the odor being so strong as to occasion violent sneezing,” wrote English botanical explorer David Douglas in 1826.

The oil that these leaves produce has been used for treating headaches, colic, diarrhea and meningitis. On the other hand, some people report getting a headache after smelling this odor for several hours. No special concern about the woods dust has been reported however. There is a slight aroma to the dried wood.

Special note: The myrtle wood mentioned in the Bible in Isaiah is Myrtus communis, a different tree (genus and species) altogether.


Processing Suggestions and Characteristics


Although weighing over 50 pounds per cubic foot when first sawn, the wood, after drying to 7 percent MC, has a specific gravity of 0.57 or a density of 37 pounds per cubic foot. This is equivalent to 3 pounds per board foot, about as heavy as soft maple.



Oregon myrtle is tricky to dry without checking and warping. Very slow drying (slower than white oak) actually enhances the colors.

Shrinkage is drying is about 7 percent in the tangential direction (across the width of lumber in a flatsawn piece) and 2 percent in the radial direction (thickness of flatsawn lumber). This large difference between radial and tangential means a very high tendency to cup in flatsawn pieces of lumber sawn from near the center of the tree. The swirly grain also means a high risk of warping.


Gluing and Machining

Myrtle glues very easily and well.

Turners favor myrtle because of its tighter grain and ease of sanding. The swirly grain, however, will result in some tear-out when machining. The wood polishes very nicely with little effort.



The swirly grain, as well as the high tangential to radial shrinkage difference, means that some warping can be expected when the MC changes substantially. Otherwise, the wood is fairly stable.



Myrtle is considerably weaker than oak. The strength (MOR) of myrtle is 8000 psi, the stiffness (MOE) is 0.95 million psi, and hardness is 1270 pounds. For comparison, red oak has an MOE of 14,000 psi, MOE of 1.8 million psi and hardness of 1300 pounds.

Screws, staples and nails have reasonably good holding power.


Color and Grain

The key to developing premium color is how the wood is handled before it is dried. What is normally considered poor handling for hardwood logs and lumber will, with myrtle, develop outstanding colors and grain patterns. The tree also naturally has a lot of swirls in the grain. It is no wonder that this wood is often claimed as one of the finest woodworking species in North America.

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Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom – For Free!

Maybe it’s time your bedroom deserved a makeover, but you just can’t bring yourself to pay for a brand new interior or even new furniture! There are certainly ways you can fresh up your bedroom without having to spend a penny or very little! Here’s a few tips to get you started…

If you’re creative and into your D.I.Y, then making your own headboard is a really enjoyable and free way of incorporating your style into your bedroom. A wood headboard is always a classy look, or upholstery for something a little more personal and homely. You can even use left over wood flooring to create your new headboard – the best part is that wood is classy and goes with every interior style!

We’d always recommend introducing a rug into your bedroom, even if it’s just for comfort. But there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of fun with a new rug, go for something that’s going to add character! Not only do rugs help with insulation but add warmth and comfort to your room, after all the bedroom needs to be the most comforting room in the home! This is your chance to really show off your style with a rug – even make your own! Rag rugs are fantastic and the best part is you can make them yourself and choose whatever colours you want – they’ll really brighten up your room! A fluffy rug will really add to the contemporary look or a wicker rug for a rustic feel.

Pictures on the wall is another great way of personalising your bedroom and adding that desirable individuality, colour and and feel. You don’t even need to bother with frames, arranging them in shapes and patterns can work just as well.

Fairy lights…you can’t beat them! They cost next to nothing and will really give your room that special glow (pardon the pun). They’re famous for making your room feel cosy and once more they come in so many colours as well as different shapes and sizes. Why wouldn’t you?

This might sound obvious but rearranging your furniture can make your bedroom feel like a totally different place! We all get bored of our surroundings and need to spice things up and this is a totally free way to make your room feel fresh! Have a look at what furniture you have in other rooms, it might be that there’s something perfect for your bedroom that’s from another room!

De-clutter! There’s nothing more therapeutic than getting rid of old clutter and things you’ve not used in years. The saying ‘less is more’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to the interior. Clutter builds up naturally in our homes, so avoid anything unnecessary! Remove old ornaments that take up surface space, clear out your out of season clothes and ones that don’t fit.

Wall hangings – our favourite!  They’re really in right now and will bring your room to life! They cost next to nothing and usually cover a large space, perfect if your wall is a bit grubby or could do with a paint! The best thing is you only need one, an instant way of giving your bedroom extra charisma.

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Give Your Home The Wow Factor

With things slowly getting back to normal and restrictions being lifted one at a time, you’ll be looking forward to welcoming your friends and family back into your home. They’ll be bound to notice you’ve wrung the changes in your house and this is the perfect opportunity to wow your guests with a fabulous new floor. Let’s have a look at some of the flooring options that really give that wow factor.

Solid Wood

It’s no secret that solid wood is probably the most exquisite and stylish choice of flooring available. From authentic charm to modern charisma, solid wood never goes out of fashion and is likely to out live even you! Once more, it comes in so many variations of wood types, colours finished and plank arrangements that there’s always something for everyone’s tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for a modern fresh appeal, then a honey toned oak in a medium grade will work wonders. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of a more traditional grand look, then dark walnut wood will fit right in. Not only does solid wood look glamorous, but has incredible durability and is likely to last a lifetime, you certainly wont need to replace it in your life time! You can also sand it down and refinish it if damage does occur, which can be done a number of times depending on its thickness. However this should not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years, so you can only imagine how many years of use you’re going to get out of your stunning new floors!

Herringbone Wood

Although herringbone wood is just a branch of wood flooring, it’s popularity has meant it’s become a name in its self. Herringbone is often associated with affluent homes and will really make your room pop, it’s the ideal choice if you’re dead set on giving the wow factor! It will add dimension and character to your space and create a whole new luxurious look to your home. Herringbone also suits all sorts of interiors, whether a rustic or contemporary look is your style, it’ll create the perfect backdrop to any setting. The many planks in herringbone makes for a gorgeous colour variation – we can guarantee that you’ll love itPainswick Lavish Oak 80 x 350 x 20/6mm

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Although ‘vinyl’ is a bit of a taboo in the flooring world, you need to forget about the cheap outdated vinyl sheets of the 1970s. It’s been modernised to create the highly sophisticated and fabulous luxury vinyl tiles of today, they’re in a totally different ball park! With so many of us lusting after the desirable look of real wood but not wanting to splash out on it, it’s no surprise that LVT is so popular. It comes in such realistic impressions of natural products like wood and stone, that often it’s near enough impossible to tell them apart! Your guests wont even believe it’s not real and they’ll soon be dying to lay it in their own homes. It’s benefits don’t stop there either – not only is it cheaper than natural materials, but also boasts much easier maintenance such as being water, scratch and stain proof. It is also very easy to keep clean and you don’t need to bother purchasing specialist floor cleaners with LVT. Why wouldn’t you?

These are our recommendations for your new flooring project, but of course it’s up to you! Check out our products and see if you can get the flooring you’ve always dreamed of ready for when we can see our loved ones again.

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The image features our: Painswick Lavish Oak (PAR219).

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